The notion of Magic “Striptease” comes from an old Babylonian ritual, the ritual of undressing the goddess Ishtar.

This ritual was developed as a strip-tease ritual in all the Babylon’s temples. Having a sacred character, it symbolized the travel of the goddess to hell.

Stepping down into various worlds, the goddess was dropping her clothes. Every cloth represented a world that she was passing through.

This danced ritual even symbolized love. She successively left her superficial appearance and artifices caused by ignorance (the false love, the narcissist love).

In this way she makes real love bloom in her entire being. She left all the falsehoods for the real, cosmic and pure love that can offer happiness and self-content.

The striptease is also a reaction against the Judeo-Christian fear of and inhibitory outlook on feminine nudity. It was created as a ritual to the rhythm of lascivious music.

The fascinated spectator can achieve a profound state of conscience, a contemplative state, being absorbed by the physical mystery of a woman that is undressing little by little in front of him.

The striptease dancer attracts the subtle erotic energy fluids of her admirers. She charges herself with these fluids.

Often these “priestesses” of Eros reach an orgasmic explosion during this magic ceremony.

Blooming from the subtle erotic fluid, these orgasmic spasms are localized not only in the sexual places but also in various other parts of her body.

With the exception of the bars and the nightclubs that industrialize the striptease, this dance isn’t shameful.

Being in a profound state of admiration and transfiguration, the spectator transmits to the woman his subtle erotic fluid and he is in turn impregnated with a euphoric and mystic enthusiasm.