Here are other herbs recommended for the disorders of the period and not limited to that, as you will see.

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The name of this plant might make you smile by thinking of the perfumed leaves that you use in order to spice up your food. Yet, the effects of dill’s seeds can outrank the hormonal medicines for women.

The powder and the tincture extracted at cold temperature from dill’s seeds are a very powerful hormonal regulator. They stimulate mainly the gonads. After 15-20 days of treatment with powder or tincture, you will notice the following effects:

  • Regulating of the period
  • Curing of the amenorrhoea
  • Diminishes the time of sleep
  • The harmonious breasts’ growth (it’s not a joke, you’ll notice it after a while!)
  • Slowing down of undesirable hair growing (the curing of hypertrichosis)
  • Increasing of the body’s vitality
  • Increasing of the volume of the lactose secretion for women who breastfeed

In some cases, frigidity and erotic inhibitions disappear. In rare cases, it was noticed the increasing of the quantity of blood, but the diminishing of annoying symptoms (distention, abdominal pain, etc).

You should take it with much precaution or don’t take it at all in case of very long and abundant menstruations.

SUGGESTED USE: as powder, 2 gr. four times a day or a teaspoon of tincture four times a day, in 200 ml of water.

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Natural extracts from buds seem to be one of the discoveries or, better yet, rediscoveries of nowadays phytotherapy. Its efficiency and force (you can find these products in some homeopath drugstores) are a lot bigger than those of mature plants, especially concerning the rapidity of the effects appearance. It is recommended for painful abundant periods and for irregular periods.

Significant results were noticed after 2-3 months of treatment in case of female sterility and cysts.

SUGGESTED USE: 40 drops three times a day, in water, on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before every meal.

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  • Eat as many vegetal products as possible, fruit and defatted dairy products, from the first period signs; continue the diet till it is complete and even a few days after that;
  • Avoid eating products very rich in proteins (eggs, nuts, peanuts, mushrooms, sediments etc);
  • A piece of advice of the psychosomatic medicine is to avoid any kind of grief and emotional tension, specially in cases of very abundant periods. It has been discovered that more than 70 % of hypermenorrhea cases are connected to bad moods, especially on the intimate level!
  • If you start a diet with one or (preferably) more plants exposed here, be perseverant and do not stop sooner than three months, even if you notice the results quickly! Thus you make sure that your dysfunctions will be completely eliminated;