Since adolescence the period is a true “indicator” of a woman’s state of health. Small or big grieves, food excess, vice (like alcohol or smoking) and a whole line of factors, sometimes unknown to women, they all can lead to serious menstrual disturbances.

What should we do when, owing to negligence or sudden events, we have a very abundant flow or intense pain or even chaotic menses?

Some therapists often recommend hormonal therapies, but they lead to almost uncontrollable side effects, like gaining weight, an appetite that is out of ordinary or the lack of appetite. Sometimes it seems that your body is “going crazy”.

Hormonal therapy can be necessary in certain situations but most often “nature’s pharmacy” provides sufficient remedies in order to balance your health and reach a normal state of balance.
Here are the most efficient herbal cures that have been studied and used with surprisingly effective results:

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It has got a delicate velvety aspect and a remarkable astringent effect. It makes the plus of your menstrual flow disappear shortly and it tones up exceptionally the entire zone of genitals. This plant may be said to be a real gift from God to women.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 gr. of powder, four times a day; keep the powder under your tongue for 10-15 minutes and then swallow with some water; don’t mind its taste, because its effect is completely benefactor!

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Though it is one of the most common plants, its qualities are being “exploited” too little. Even the most efficient plant products for menstruation contain this miraculous ingredient. Its active principles, especially the tannins, give it efficiency in most cases of uterine haemorrhage, menopause problems or abundant menstruation.

Yet few people know that this plant, whose leaves are in shape of a heart, is efficient even in the worst cases of uterine fibroma.

By associating the tincture or powder of shepherd’s pursue with sedative plants like motherwort or allsaints’ wort it is obtained a blend that reduce intense abdominal pain, which some women experience during the menstrual cycle.

SUGGESTED USE: the dosage and the frequency can differ from case to case. The medium dosage is 4-5 gr. of powder a day (as described earlier) or a teaspoon of tincture three or four times a day on an empty stomach (in this case you should always put the tincture in 200-300 ml of water).

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It has been considered very famous since antiquity (at Greeks and Romans), as one of the most toning and efficient feminine products. It contains bitter and astringent substances, mineral salts, vitamins and also some principles that have the same effects as oestrogen.

Among its most important effects on women we may count the elimination of menstrual problems (like painful menstruation, too long menstruation, abdominal aches etc), the elimination of the adipose tissue, the reduction of the abundant blood flow, hot flashes that accompany menopause and the erradication of feminine sterility.

It is indicated in order to stop the appearance of the adipose tissue, of flaccid tissue and of breasts’ shape-change. It is a very valuable anti-stress feminine medicine.

SUGGESTED USE: for internal use as powder, 1 gr. four times a day. In order to prevent the unpleasant symptoms during period it is recommended to use it constantly, for a long time, in the indicated dosage. You can also increase the dosage to 1,5 gr. four times a day, approximately three days before period.