One of the most respected scientists in the whole world has recently developed a theory according to which harmonious body fulfilled people are a lot happier than the thin ones.

James Watson is a genetics scientist, a Nobel Prize Laureate (one of the scientists who participated in discovering the spirally curved DNA structure). He strongly believes that women harmoniously fulfilled in their bodies, more vital and with some extra – weight have a sexual life more intense and a lot better than the thin women do.

Watson, who conducted successfully the human genome project, has oriented his interests in the controversial science of human image. He has recently stated, in a conference at London University College, that his research had already suggested that extra – weight and a harmonious body fulfillment have certain biological effect upon women’s bodies.

They make them have a more malleable and harmonious character and it makes them more sexually – erotically endowed.
“Body thinness and weakness have never been associated with sexuality”, says Watson, who is now 72. “Posh Spice and Calista Flochart (a TV star) can look very smiling in front of cameras”, he says, “but yet, behind all this shining exterior there are, in fact, a couple of weak and unhappy souls.”

His studies concerning body chemistry led him to the conclusion that, in women’s case, extra – weight and a harmonious body fulfillment leads to increasing the number of endorphins. It generates a natural way of increasing somebody’s disposition and even a considerable improvement of mood.

There is also an increasing of the number of sexual hormones that stimulate and amplify the sexual desire.
On the other hand, on both thin men and women there is an opposite effect – the brain receives less endorphins.

Watson’s theory is valid in this direction, for both men and women. His explanation is that, in the past, the human being had spent a lot of time from his life looking for food. The reward for a hard work was food and it led to a harmonious body fulfillment that determined extra – weight. That’s why, if we are too thin, it seems that, unconsciously and constantly we are waiting for the next meal.

Watson draws the conclusion that “The thin man (or woman) is unhappy almost all the time. People who are very satisfied are those who are harmonious body fulfilled. That is one of the reasons that thin people get hired a lot more often. Because they are generally unhappy and they will work harder in consequence. The ones harmoniously developed are a lot more happy, affable, but they have less success in their carriers.”

On the other hand, it looks like thin people are often led to act in need to find the happiness that they do not have. That is why thin people can obtain material success easier (but as compensation at an inferior level).

“Kate Moss (a famous model) is probably considered as the most famous person in the whole world, but yet she looks, at face and at body, as a very sad person. As a matter of fact, does anybody know a happy model?” Watson asks rhetorically. “Why would there be such a strong relation between those people and drugs? Yet I think that it is possible, in her case, not to be about a person with a very weak morality, but a person physically weak who wants to find happiness with the help of drugs.”

Watson’s interest in this domain is purely scientific. But he has reached to his last “obsession”, how they call it as a joke. He found it as he was talking to a cab driver from New York who informed him of the existence of a scientist from Arizona who wanted to create a medicine and who injected himself a hormone that caused him an eight and a half hours of continuous erection.

That hormone was called MSH (the hipohizar melanotrop hormone), (the yogis know that the hypophysis is in strong connection with Ajna Chakra ) and it is correlated with the sexual desire (lust) and with the sunlight. “The MSH is a hormone that made me yawn before finding about these things”, says Watson.

But once he has got interested in it, he started searching very carefully about this hormone and thus he discovered that it (the MSH) was connected to another two chemical components of human body – endorphins (which provoke pleasure states and good mood) and leptine. It has been certified that the MSH is being influenced by the leptine and that it is in strong connection to lust.

“The more we are bodily fulfilled, the more leptine we have and thus the more MHS we can have “, says Watson. “My opinion is that our interior state is being controlled, in a large part, by endorphins. There is no doubt we have more endorphins as we are more bodily fulfilled. That is why, nobody has ever presented Santa Clause somewhat different than a fat man – because thin people are sometimes anemic and unhappy.”

Because MSH is strongly influenced by the sunlight as well we might say that our mood depends on our NAKED exposure in the sun as well as on our being more fulfilled, more vital.
“People with intense sexual activity are vital, harmoniously bodily fulfilled people who expose completely NAKED in the sun”, he says.

“I am looking at the couples harmoniously bodily fulfilled in a different light now,” he also says. “On the contrary, when I see a couple of thin people I am pretty sure that they have problems.”

That is why Watson recommends the women who are bodily fulfilled to find lovers of the same size (as far as vital and sexual energy are concerned) in order to have a happy and satisfying life.
It is important for women to understand that they don’t have to become fat but to fulfill harmonious their bodies. This is a preliminary condition in reaching the orgasm .