The Vata type of women usually has a fragile appearance. Their psychic and mind are quite agitated usually, frequently generating problems such as exhaustion, weakness, and lack of vitality.

The breast of the women belonging to this type is small, delicate, and yet daring. Such women have to gain if they become more vital.

The problems of this fundamental type are generated by an oscillation of the appetite and digestion. Irregular meals generate fluctuations in the digestive system, and therefore the main idea is to maintain order and balance in their daily life.

You should eat regularly, at fixed hours. The meals should be consistent, based on foods that suit the possibilities of assimilation of each person.

An inadequate diet may determine the following problems:

  • Insufficient development of the breasts, which in turn creates a general impression of lack of feminity.
  • Dryness of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles before their time.
  • A “linear” aspect of the body, without smooth, feminine curves.
  • Insufficient development of the musculature of the feet and arms.

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The Vata woman should eat consistent and warm food, salted and spiced.
It is recommended that the Vata woman eat sweet, oily foods, and natural juices.

Most suited for this type are: nuts, sesame, eggs, cheese rich in proteins, peanuts, peanut oils, soy, corn, grapes, pears, wild strawberries, strawberries, oranges, peaches, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, honey and honey-sweets, cereals and pastas.

Vata women should avoid bitter, burnt, heavy, over-cooked food. Meat, preserved foods are not recommended as they favor the accumulation of toxins in the digestive tube, which results in premature aging and digestive problems.

The Vata type should avoid in all circumstances eating in haste, standing. They should also avoid eating cold products, taken straight from the refrigerator.

Avoid indigestion by chewing each bite for about 30 times, as this helps the digestive system in its “alchemy” of food. The Vata woman who eats regularly and consistently will gain the vitality she may lack in order to have an attractive body.

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Her breasts become more vigorous, combining the sensation of fragility with that of vitality, in a charming manner. The dark nuances of the skin disappear, as well as the fragile, thin look.

The women who understand the necessity of becoming more vital and follow our recommendations of having regular and balanced meals (at least 3 meals a day) will fully benefit because of the vitality, completed by the vivacity and the charm characteristic to this fundamental type.