The Pitta women are medium sized, with defined features. Their innate vitality is not as powerful as that of a Kapha woman, the proportions of the breasts do not emanate the same vital energy, but they have nonetheless fine and firm breasts.

The troubles with the Pitta women may come from the strong appetite characteristic to this type. The lack of control leads to culinary excesses. Eating preserved food, with too much fat cause liver, bile, stomach, or vascular problems, and the organism ages prematurely.

As a direct consequence of the accumulation of toxin in the organism, there appear skin irritations. The breasts of a woman who lacks harmony become flabby and the skin loses its natural brightness, elasticity and freshness.

The waist maintains for a longer while its harmonious appearance, even if the diet is incorrect. The first adipose deposits appear in the abdominal area.

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However, if the Pitta woman keeps ignoring the need of a balanced diet, the waist usually loses its contours and the fat begins to build up, not only on the waist but also on the buttocks, legs and arms.

The legs of the Pitta women tend to have an athletic appearance and only sedentary women start having problems with fat tissue on the legs.

However, if the woman has a strong appetite and satisfies it, and in the same time, she practices sports, she may have strong feet, quite resembling to those of a man.

Thus, the Pitta woman may assume a rather masculine look, instead of a feminine one. Moreover, the women eating excessively meat, fat, and spices may get arthritis, and phlebitis.

The diet for the women belonging to this fundamental type should be pure, nourishing, and without hot, salt, and sour foods in excess. For these women it is recommendable to have a diet based on consistent and not toxic foods, pure and tasteful.

Fresh, ripe fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, peaches, oranges, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, and cherries are to be eaten as such, as fruit salad with honey or natural juices.

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They should eat abundantly vegetables as carrots, parsley, cabbage, cauliflower, and potatoes, and moderately milk products and pastas.

The foods to be avoided are: meat, hot and too spiced dishes, alcohol, and preserved food.

If you are in a state of nervousness, after a harsh discussion with somebody, if you are reading or watching TV, you should refrain from eating. While eating, focus your attention of the food only.

Chew each bite about 30 times, sensing its savor. Consequently, you will not need a lot of food. Eating consciously helps a lot in the forming of healthy, refined habits, characteristic to the feminine nature.

A healthy diet in the case of the Pitta women reduces the risk of premature aging, the body will remain supple and elastic, the skin is bright and clean.