The women that have physical characteristics belonging to this type are generally vital, have great resistance, and a somewhat massive physical aspect.

Such women gain weight quite easily, even if they eat only small quantities of food. They are usually attracted by the sweet taste; their appetite is generally constant and significant.

If a woman belonging to this type eats a lot and does not have an active, sportive life, it will be quite easy for her to become over-weight.

The uncontrolled gain in weight is rapidly obvious at the breasts, which first grow and then become flabby. The same phenomenon is obvious (maybe even more obvious) in the area of the legs and thighs.

After a certain age, the waist becomes the objective indicator of weight balance. It becomes thicker and once its clear and fine contour is gone, gaining it back requires a great perseverance in diet and physical exercises.

Gaining weight affects mostly the feet, especially when the woman does not exercise at all.
The feet become heavy, massive, and quite unaesthetic.

In order to compensate this natural tendency for food and gaining weight, the women belonging to this constitutional type should eat mainly fresh, unprepared food. The fresh fruits and vegetables, integral cereals in small amounts are a priority.

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Vegetable salads are recommended: carrot, parsley, cabbage, red cabbage, radish, parsnip, and turnip cabbage. These salads should be combined with hot spices: coriander, savory, ginger, chili, hot curry, pepper and oregano.

Sweets – the main temptation for the Kapha woman should be replaced with fruit salads: apples, grapefruit, plums, raisins, bilberries, gooseberries, wild strawberry, strawberry, lemon and raspberry, adding a small amount of honey and spices such as: rosemary, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil and clove.

Prepared food should be only 50 % of the food consumed during one day (except for the times when you are on a special diet). For cooked food it is recommended that you eat: cauliflower, mushrooms, oat, lentil, buckwheat, chickpeas spiced with savory, caraway, or lemon juice.

It is also recommended that you consume hot food, especially when outside is cold. Warm infusions of plants such as basil, caraway, coriander, boxthorn, wild rose, wild strawberries, chamomile, mint are welcome in your daily diet.

Another recommendation is that you fast once a week. The nutrition specialists have noticed that a day of pause is as beneficialial as one can imagine, especially in the case of vital women.

The fasting day intensifies the processes of toxin discharge; the digestive tube and the annex glands have the time to rest. After the day of fasting, which usually begins at 00:00 hours and ends the day after, in the morning, follows a period of transition, in which preserved, prepared and very consistent food has to be avoided.

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After fasting, you may eat mainly fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, introducing gradually food that is more consistent.

Forbidden foods for this fundamental type: sweets, especially those based on sugar, pastas, animal fat, meat, preserved food, fat foods, patisserie products, fried food. The women belonging to this fundamental type should eat in small amount eggs, and milk-products.

If you follow a balanced diet, in time occurs a weight balance, the body maintains its suppleness and vigor, the breasts are firm, the waist is thin. Moreover, if the woman is also exercising, the physical exercises will keep her figure harmonious.

There is no trace of unaesthetic adipose tissue, or if there used to be, it disappears. This is valid also for fat deposits, inertia and sleepy states – all problems arising in the case of Kapha type lacking harmony.