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The substance that makes up the human body, with its wonderful architecture, is taken from our environment in the form of the food we ingest, the drinks we drink and the air we breathe.

With the food we do not receive only chemical substances, but also the energy required by our vegetative, nervous, and relational functions.

The food is thus both substance and energy. The energy of food takes the form of different chemical combinations. When we speak of the energy of food, we do not refer only to the chemical aspect of the problem, but also to the subtle aspect.

The Kirlian pictures indicate the existence of a bio-energetic aura around each aliment. The fresher and healthier the food, the bigger this aura will be. It is like a luminous hallo surrounding the aliment. Consequently, we do not ingest only chemical substance, but also light.

Tantra Magazine
A researcher named Clive Backster went even further in his studies, proving with the help of an electronic apparatus (the famous lie detector with some adjustments) that fresh, living foods have surprising reactions. For instance, the parsley “cries” when put in hot soup, the egg does the same when put in hot water for boiling, etc.

Consequently, besides the fact that we “eat” light, we also “eat” sensations and feelings of a mystery world.
There are also some other experiments that indicated the fact that the food we ingest is not merely as material as it may seem.

The role of this introduction is to point the fact that the act of eating is more than the mere swallowing of kilocalories, which, in turn, become kilos or not.

The method we are about to present in the following will not say a definite yes or a definite no to kilos, but it will underline the fact that everyone should have a diet according to age, the fundamental type to which she belongs and the concrete, actual conditions you are in.

As indicated in our previous articles, about the fundamental types, each woman, each person should have an ideal of beauty, but without forcing one’s organism in order to attain it.

It would be abnormal that a woman belonging to the Kapha type, full of vitality, with large breasts and emanating feminity should wish to have small breasts, like the Vata type.

The alteration of one’s figures should be in accordance with the fundamental type characteristic to each person. However, one should keep in mind that important is to mould one’s figures, not to resize them.

Vitality is an essential quality of each human being, and a woman should have as much vitality as possible. The vital energy is like fuel.

It makes possible all actions: creations, learning, seduction. Therefore, it is normal that each person should wish to have vital energy in great amounts.

The image of a flat woman, without round curves is merely a chimer, and only the lack of inner masculine strength may lead to the attraction for such a type.

Any of the fundamental types may attain the most appropriate form of beauty suited to each of them, and the perseverance in treating the disharmonies may reveal miracles.