Control the position of your back. Sit straight and breathe deeply. If you sit as if hunchbacked your breasts will tend to become sagged. Little by little, the dorsal and pectoral muscles will become atrophied.

Look into a mirror, from the profile, pull the shoulders backwards and chin up! What do you say about this difference?

Contract the muscles of the neck twenty times a day, as this exercise trains the great pectoral muscle.

Pronounce the letter X, smiling as much as you can. Repeat the exercise 10-20 times a day.

The breasts hate heat, be it the bath water or the sun. The heat makes the blood vessels dilatate, slowing the circulation. On the other hand, as we already mentioned the exposure to the sun leads to premature aging of the skin, with harmful effects on the elastic fibers.

Consequently, make the effort of toning your breasts with cold water, stimulating the blood circulation and toning the tissues.

Short cold showers, for two minutes for small breasts, and cold showers of four-five minutes for big breasts. These showers activate the blood circulation and favor the elimination of the toxins. Little by little, they gain in firmness.

Caution: make these showers in the correct manner: use circular movements on the exterior part of the breasts.

If you do not have a shower, you may use a large sponge to pour the cold water on your breasts.

Swimming is a great exercise for your breasts, especially the bras style. Swimming makes the muscles of the back and the pectorals as they are forced to overcome the resistance of the water.

Moreover, the pressure of the water is an excellent massage. You may also add the following exercise:

Stand on your feet in the pool, with the water over your shoulders, and then open up your arms, and then slowly bring them in front of you. Repeat ten times.

Lotions for the bust
The lotions for the bust don’t make miracles with your breasts but they help in keeping the elasticity of the breasts’ skin.

Based either on biological or vegetable extracts, it maintain the elastic fibers of the sustaining tissue in good condition.

Moreover, it force you to massage your breasts which is very benefit for them. Use always circular movements when you massage the breasts.

Solar lotions
You should always use solar lotions when you expose your breasts to the sun. In the first days of exposure choose a lotion that guarantee a high protection against UV radiations. And after your daily shower use a nourishing cream for the skin.

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