The skin of your body is not as fragile as your complexion because clothes protect it. However, this does not mean that we should not take care of it. In addition, that is because it exfoliates and it loses its elasticity, it stains, so on – it gets old, in other words. Here is what you have to do in order to maintain its beauty.

You can do it with gel, soap or exfoliating cream. Shower gel and soap are good for you if they do not contain detergents. Some of them even contain body milk and they feed and protect your skin at the same time. Thus the skin doesn’t lose too much of its natural oils and it does not get irritated.

The exfoliating treatment has the same aim as in the case of complexion treatment: to take dead cells away, activate the blood flow, and increase the power of penetration of the products applied afterwards.

There are two types of body exfoliation products: exfoliating shower gel (that can be used daily because it is gentler than the common shower gel) and the creamy shower gel. It is stronger, so it has to be used only once or twice a week. It can be applied on the dry skin for the following body’s parts: knees, elbows and heels and on wet skin for the rest of your body.

Anti-cellulite products stretch your skin, tone it and eliminate the water from the tissues. For many women cellulite is a huge problem. You can cure it by using specific products mixed with different treatments. These products are gels or creams. Gels get into the skin a lot easier; they refresh it and make it sleeker.

Because creams are richer in oils, they get into the skin through massage and they act especially upon the blood flow. Draining creams are indicated if you retain water or have blood-flow-problems. Gels allow a lighter massage for those who are in a hurry and do not retain water. Avoid the products that contain alcohol because they dry off the skin.

They have the role of maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Not only age is a very important factor, but also weight fluctuation and pregnancy. You will manage to keep in shape for a long time by doing sports and toning up your skin using specific products.

They are small scars due to the lack of skin elasticity. During puberty, the skin bursts in certain areas. The same thing happens because of weight changes or during pregnancy. Red skin-lines can disappear if they are recent and are not scars yet, with the help of some special products.

If you start a diet we advise you to also use a toning cream that will stop skin-lines from appearing if used three times a day. Use this treatment for two months, twice a year. The sensible areas are the thighs, buttocks, breasts and the inner parts of your arms.

During pregnancy, use such a product for massage twice a day starting with the third month until you get to your normal weight. Products against skin-lines are gels, creams and oils. Creams and oils are a lot more nourishing than gels, but the latter have a greater power of making the skin sleeker.

The skin of the breasts loses its firmness because it is very sensitive. They fall down even worse because of sudden weight changes or pregnancy. Moreover, they do not contain any muscles and the skin is their only sustenance.

That is why it is very important to use bust products. What are they? Bust milk has the role of feeding and strengthening the skin and it is used for two months, twice a year and during pregnancy (when you should use it twice a day, starting with the third month).

Gels and serums are less nourishing, but their action is much toning. They should be used twice a day for three months, when the breasts are visibly fallen and twice a day for two months after pregnancy.
How can we use them? Massage the skin circularly, starting from the base of the breasts and going up to the neckline.

Then you should strike the tissue lightly through motions that go up by using your fingertips. What should you avoid in order to prevent the skin from “falling”? You should stay out of very hot baths (finish the shower with a jet of cold water) and very sudden weight changes. Always wear a bra when you’re exercising (there are special bras in the shops).

In ancient times, massage was used not only as something that brings pleasure and happiness but also as an efficient method of preventing and even healing different diseases.

Therefore, we can say that the massage acts upon the skin directly – through the strikes and essential oils – and indirectly by curing your health’s problems that very often diminish the beauty of your skin. Our skin is a mirror of our internal health.

The choice of the right oil determines the cure of your internal problem and the improvement of the condition of your skin – and many skin problems have aromatic solutions.

Therefore, take time to go to a massage saloon at least once a month. Use olive oil (or sun flower oil or jojoba oil) as base oil mixed with lemon essential oil, which are the most efficient essential oil in fighting against cellulite.

When the skin is congested the first step on the road to recovery is an aromatic bath, as essential oils have the ability to decongest the tissues and help the body eliminate toxins.

Essence of lavender, bergamot and geranium, as they are powerful antiseptic agents and at the same time act gently on the skin. These should be used for massaging affected body parts.
Moreover, it is important to note that rose has always been one of the most beneficialial essences for a woman’s skin.

All the above-mentioned methods are almost useless if you do not accompany them with a special diet. You cannot have a shiny and soft skin if your daily food contains animal fats in a high proportion.

Therefore, we recommend you to eat more salads, vegetables, and fruits and to drink natural juices. If you want to have a bright skin change your daily meal, choose the vegetarian diet and you will see the results for yourself in a short time.

From the esoteric point of view, the skin is connected with the subtle center of force of the heart ANAHATA CHAKRA . It means that a good activation of this center has as consequence a bright and beautiful skin. That is why loving people have generally a shiny and soft skin.

You can activate ANAHATA CHAKRA by practicing special Hatha Yogic bodily positions. We have already presented two of them in our Tantric Yoga section: Bhujanghasana and Yoga mudra .

Practice each of the asanas daily for at least 7 minutes and you will notice their beneficialial effects not only on your skin, but also on your entire being.