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Contemporary women say: “my work stresses me, my family stresses me, shopping stresses me, walking on the street stresses me, so I have to find compensation in something…in food.” some women wait the great love to come to them, but after 10-20 years of waiting they end up thinking they are too old for this or dwell on adolescence dreams.

No matter how much you might disagree with what I am about to say, nourishing with love is very much alike nourishing with food: you have to eat in order to stay alive. You cannot opt for not eating, so you cannot opt for not loving.

Consequently, fall in love as much as you can. Fall in love with a flower, and love it forever for the uniqueness of its colors, for the softness of its petals, enjoy and nurture your soul with its beauty.

You will always find flowers whose beauty you can admire and love. You do not have to have tens of flowerpots with which you would brag. One flower is enough, as long as you let your love flow over it.

The flowers come to live and then disappear, but this should not prevent you from loving them over and over.

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There will be days in which you will not be in a loving mood. Tell this to your flower. Tell your flower that you regret, but you are not in a loving mood. You will see that this will bring you closer, and paradoxically, you end up loving more.

You will notice that one day your flower will attract you more that the food. Nurture your soul from the nature. Note the hidden vigor of the winter, when the nature hides beneath the surface only to amaze you with its coming to life in the spring.

Thinking of the force of nature, you will become strong as well, you will become secure with all the things around you.

Give your beloved one-hour of caresses, even physical. Take your time, do not haste. Do not force things and do not think about anything else but the fact that you may give another hour of caresses, and yet another hour…you can find you fulfillment and joy in the fact that there is someone giving love and someone receiving it.

You will then realize that you are never alone as long as you are capable of giving love and as long as someone is open to receive it. You will nurture your being with love.

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Abandon yourself to the desire of receiving in deep humility, with love even, the great “shock” of the day, and tell yourself that this was your test to see if you were capable of loving without asking anything in return. The uplifting you will feel then is the most beneficialial nourishment for your soul.

Decide, once and for all, not to let pass a single day without your giving love. As you spend at least half an hour eating, so you should save another half of hour for nurturing your soul with love.

This recipe helps us understand the real importance of food.

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