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The fifth recipe for your beauty: REPLACING A MEAL WITH … HOT LOVE
In the Kapha aggravations, one of the typical symptoms is the excessive appetite, which usually manifests in order to compensate affective “lack of fulfillment”. This symptom is present to two out of three women facing weight problems.

The need for affection, fulfillment, satisfaction transforms into appetite, the need to reach satiety, of spoiling one’s buds with new sensations.

Once a habit, this self-satisfaction with food will “lose” its “spiritual” meaning and become an inexplicable painful torment.

Many of the women who complained because of being unable to control their appetite confessed that when they fell in love and they were happy with their lover, they did not feel the urge to engulf large quantities of food.

They answered the question about their appetite in terms of “this was not my concern at the moment”, or “I didn’t even think about the food”.

When asked about the level of stress and their appetite, one of them notably said: “I’ve decided to go on a diet this week. At work everything went according to my plans. But when I got back home I was so stressed, that I went straight to the fridge and …there goes my diet.”

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There are a number of variations through which the unfulfillment manifests and which generates excessive appetite in the case of the Kapha aggravations: the stress of women who are not socially fulfilled, the stress of the woman dependant on one or several other persons, the stress of the woman who did not find erotic satisfaction, the stress of the lonely woman, the stress of the woman who does not manage to communicate with people, etc. from the facts we presented so far, there are two conclusions imposing:

1. Affective lack of fulfillment leads to uncontrolled appetite
2. Affective satisfaction solves these problems.

Consequently, there are two solutions to defeat the tendency to overeat:
1. Avoid affective unfulfillment.
2. Seek affective fulfillment.

Generally, it is difficult to avoid affective unfulfillment, as the exterior factors are impossible to control. Nonetheless, seeking emotional fulfillment is easy.

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This emotional fulfillment, be it connected to friends, family, lover, social status, etc., eliminates or compensates stress in all its forms.

The problem is that many women seek fulfillment far away, considering that gaining material possessions, or a high social status, or meeting an ideal man are the only means to become satisfied.

Nonetheless, love alone can fill the most “difficult” places, creating the desired state, of total, refined satisfaction.

Constant nurturing with love can overcome a great number of obstacles that otherwise would be difficult to pass over.

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