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One part ginger, one part basil.
Effects: digestive, antiseptic, carminative, appetite stimulant, medium aphrodisiac (according to the dose and concentration); creates a state of well-being and openness.

One part pepper, one part fennel, one part coriander.
Effects: hyperthermic, digestive, mild aphrodisiac, carminative; great antiseptic of the pharynx, respiratory system, digestive tube; creates a state of dynamism and alertness.

One part cardamom, one part cinnamon, one part anise.
Effects: aphrodisiac, hyperthermic, carminative, digestive, antitoxin; grants the capacity of “digesting” and “transform” a large variety of not only foods, but also emotions and thoughts.

Tantra Magazine

One part mint, one part basil, one part caraway.
Effects: soothing, cerebral stimulant, gastric mildness; digestive stimulant and mild regulator. This mixture brings calm, lucidity, and predisposes to deep thinking and meditative reflection.

One part wild thyme, one part thyme, one part oregano.
Effects: digestive stimulant, carminative, anti-diarrheic, effective in fighting digestive disorders such as indigestion, aerophagia, flatulence. This mixture grants initiative, firmness, and liveliness.

One part linden tree flowers, one part acacia.
Effects: soothing, sedative, useful against gastric hyperacidity; on a psychic level, it ensures a state of calmness and balance, altogether with refinement and inner peace.

One part sage, one part cardamom, one part Our Lady’s bedstraw.
Effects: depurative, antitoxin, hepatic stimulant, favors the sublimation of the erotic energies, useful against the unpleasant symptoms related to the period, and recommended for having shorter, less abundant periods.

Tantra Magazine

  • Are best consumed in the morning, before eating. Continue with fresh fruits eaten slowly, without rush. You may consume them in the afternoon or in the evening as well.
  • Chose the infusion according to your fundamental type, to your needs, and you should have in view a long-term effect.
  • Do not combine the infusions. Once you carefully selected an infusion, consume it for at least 21 days, noticing the effects.
  • In the treatment of Kapha aggravations: astringent, medium-bitter, bitter, hot, sour and flavored infusions, not sweetened if possible. Out of the flavored infusions, pick the ones that are not sedative.
  • In the treatment of Pitta aggravations: astringent, medium-bitter, bitter, and sweet infusions. Out of the flavored infusions, pick the ones that are not hot.
  • In the treatment of Vata aggravations: sweet, hot, sour and flavored infusions.


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