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Moreover, the infusions (sweetened or not) act almost instantaneously inside our organism, especially if they are not preceding or following a copious meal.

As a conclusion, the infusions are useful because of the following reasons:
1. They create the faculty of distinct perception of the qualities of the different substances we ingest: tastes, smells, flavors, action on the digestion, post-digestive action, influence on the psychic and nervous activity.

2. Refine the sense of taste and smell.

3. Educate the appetite to become “friends” with pure and compatible food.

4. Solves digestive, metabolic and even emotional problems because of the healing properties of the herbs from the infusion.

5. The assimilation of active principles of the herbs determines in our inner universe the perception of some subtle effects perceivable on a bioenergetic, psychic and mental level.

Tantra Magazine
One part gentian, three parts mint, two parts grapefruit peel. Effects: stomahic, depurative, general tonic, and stimulant of the liver. Administered for a longer period, this infusion reduces the appetite and helps getting to a normal weight, eliminating the excess adipose tissue.

Two parts hob plant, two parts mint. Effects: appetite regulator, anaphrodisiac, regulator of the period.

One part wormwood, nine parts pine buds, one part mint. Effects: balsamic, vitalizing, antiseptic of the respiratory system. In the short run, it stimulates the appetite, in the long run, it reduces the appetite.

One part hob plant, two parts mint, two parts basil. Effects: stimulant of the cerebral and nervous activity; reduces the sleep, eliminates the states of inertia and weakness.

One part Our Lady’s bedstraw, two parts acacia flowers. Effects: physically and psychically purifying; reduces inertia, helps losing weight. It has a global effect of refinement.

One part sweet wood, one part foeniculum. Effects: vitalizing, hormonal stimulant, calming, gastric soothing. Helps the persons who wish to gain weight.

Tantra Magazine

One part raspberries (dried fruits), one part acacia flowers, one part honey. Effects: vitalizing, soothing, mineralizing, menstrual regulator, eliminates the states of tension and anxiousness, it is an effective anti-stress remedy.

One part wild berries, one part apple peel, one part honey. Effects: balances the nervous activity, eliminates the anxiousness, psychic discomfort, it is relaxing, vitalizing, and is very suited as a remedy for states of fear, anxiety and mental confusion.

One part linden tree flowers, one part foeniculum + honey. Effects: soothing, anaphrodisiac, sedative; eliminates insomnia. It is recommended for persons facing states of anger, irritability, and fury.

Four parts boxthorn, two parts firtree buds. Effects: vitalizing, immune-regulator, antiallergenic, mineralizing.

One part lemon peel, two parts hip rose, 20-ml lemon juice in 200-ml infusion. Effects: vitamins, vitalizing, depurative; protects the blood vessels, digestive, anti-ulcer.

Tantra Magazine
One part chamomile, two parts caraway, one part willow bark. Effects: astringent, antiseptic, anti-febrile, anti-inflammatory, mild aphrodisiac, carminative, recommended in flatulence, indigestion, and nausea.

Two parts lemon peel, one part caraway. Effects: astringent, anti-inflammatory, carminative, reduces the appetite and the secretions (saliva, gastric juices).

Two parts lemon peel, one part sage. Effects: carminative, digestive, menstrual regulator. Reduces the secretions (gastric, saliva, milk), reduces the menstruation, and the quantity of menstrual blood, eliminates unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence and abdominal colics (grips).

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