7. MASK FOR THE LIPS: A recipe lasting from grandma’s days, but which is just as appropriate: apply honey on your lips instead of cream.

But hold your tongue! Because the honey is not to be eaten right up, you should let it act on your lips for several minutes. However, before trying this, rub your lips with a wet towel or a soft toothbrush.

8. PEELING FOR ELBOWS AND KNEES: If you prepared yourself to rub your elbows and knees with a brush, stop! Corn flour is highly useful in order to make you skin velvet-like.

Consequently, do not hesitate to use corn flour as a peeling, as it will remove the dead cells in a blink. After showering, massage your elbows and knees with a thick cream.

9. FULL BODY WRAPPING: You know that after each shower and each bath you have to use body lotion all over. But once in a while, at least once a month, you should spoil your skin with a mask made of creamy yoghurt mixed with one spoon of oil. Leave for approximately 10 minutes, and then take a cold shower.

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10. COMPRESSES FOR IRRITATED FACE: Is cuperosis one of your problems? In this case, nature has found the cure as well: parsley! Take some parsley leaves, cut them up, and wrap them in lint.

Apply on the areas that need it and let them act for about one hour. They are an excellent remedy for irritated complexion.

11. FACEMASK: You do not take care of your complexion if you do not apply a mask on it. Your face should benefit from the advantages of a mask once a month, because of its exposure to noxious factors, such as wind, sun, smoke, and dust.

In the following, you will find an efficient and no at all expensive recipe: mix three spoonfuls of cream cheese with some cream or yoghurt and some honey. Apply abundantly on your face. Lie on a couch and relax for 20 minutes, and then clean your face with warm water.

12. TREATMENT FOR THE EYES: If the sun has risen and you are still partying, or if the movie from last night had a sad ending and your eyes are red, take some cucumber slices and apply them on your eyelids for several minutes. They work miracles.

13. MASK FOR THE NECK: This is a patented recipe for preventing the wrinkles on the neck. Apply weekly o cream prepared from cream cheese and cold black tea. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

14. COMPRESS FOR THE ABDOMEN: Are you proud that your belly looks better, but still your skin is flabby? The solution to your problems consists in applying daily milk compresses on your belly. So, soak a towel in hot milk and tie it around your waist. Leave it there until it cools down.