“Her black hair, like a raven, her eyebrows were like the alcedo and arched like the new moon. Her almond-shaped eyes were charming, clear and reassuring, and her lips red as a cherry was so tempting. Her nose was noble and fine, her cheeks were fragile and they were slightly covered with powder. Her face had the delicate roundness of a silver sphere. And her vital and harmonious body was as light as a flower. Her fingers were thin as shoots and her waist was slender as the reed. Her belly was round and soft and her breasts big and soft, too.”


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First the eye shadow had a purpose that has been forgotten. Besides the fact that it accentuates the natural brilliance, the shape and the beauty of the eyes, dark colors absorb the light. Kohl is an eastern product used in this purpose, and if it is prepared adequately, it has a therapeutically refreshing effect.

It has to be prepared the right way, out of the soot of medicinal substances, like camphor. A recent pharmacology research shows that camphor stimulates breathing, the heart and the cerebral cortex and it helps improving the memory.

Tantric texts include several formulas to preparing the Kohl, which is extremely strong because the camphor is burnt out along with some volatile substances. The Tantric Kohl is then scraped off the vase and applied on the eyes and forehead and other body parts.

Tantric invocations of The Great Cosmic Wisdoms archetypes require the use of make-up among other things. For example, in Nepal there is an “Annual festival of the Omnipresent Goddess”, celebrated through the decoration and show of special chosen virgin, to which presents are given.

Her face is carefully put make-up on, with red, white, yellow and black signs. Tantra says that any woman regains her virginity after the menstrual period. Certain rituals specify the celebration of this aspect through the woman’s preparation as the embodiment of the Omnipresent Goddess by using make-up, volatile oils, refined clothes and jewelry.

Moles are considered in the present as something out of fashion, but things will certainly change in the future and they will be on fashion again. Women used to make black dots on her faces. In the Eastern cultures beauty marks like moles informed upon the woman’s status as an initiator in the love secrets in relation with their form, size and place.

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Most women feel that their ornaments and jewelry attract them. These have a special meaning to them; reminding them of a special erotic experience that ties her to the man she had the relation with and who gave it to her.

A woman must choose her ornaments for a special occasion very carefully, taking into account not only their esthetical effect but also their value as amulets. The jewelry considered amulets are very important in rituals as well as in the Tantric life.
They act by starting certain subtle resonance processes on the conscious level as well as on the unconscious one. An amulet is impregnated with subtle beneficial energies and with magic and emotional qualities and has an effect because of our power of association. It allows us to get in resonance with certain beneficial subtle Macrocosm energies.

Jewelry enriches the image of beauty that a woman can create through a combination of make-up, clothes and ornaments. Flowers should also be included into the category of body ornaments; it is amazing how exciting a woman can become because of the association of colors and flower – perfume with her own perfume.

In the secret Tantric tradition a woman’s ornaments are symbols of her personal cosmology and indicate her evolution direction. There are five types of Tantric jewelry (the necklace, the earrings, the bracelets, the headbands and the belts).

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They symbolize the Five Elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). By making a certain piece be evident, a yogi woman makes her qualities obvious. By wearing symbolic jewelry she connects with her own ideal, transformed image.

In the Tantric rituals the woman should wear the most symbolic jewelry. A beautiful, vital and sensual woman with make-up on and also with certain ornaments is a very exciting image to any man, especially if he known that she has prepared just for him.

Try to use natural cosmetic products and jewelry in order to give force to your relationship and to increase the esthetical pleasure.