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Hands are body parts exposed to everyone’s eyes, and which reveal both a woman’s age, and traits of her personality. Consequently, your hands should always be cared for.

Here are some “tricks” to keep them young:
1. Key word: moisturizing. In order to avoid wrinkles on your hands, you should keep in mind that each time you come inside your house, or each time you wash something, or even your hands, you should also rub them using a moisturizing cream.

Heat, cold and soaps dry your skin to a great extent. In the evening, before going to bed, you should wash your hands using an emollient soap; dry them with a towel and them rub them using a moisturizing cream.

2. Once in a while, when you have some spare moments, you may massage them with simple movements. This will stimulate the blood circulation. This simple massage may even be rubbing the back of one hand with the palm of the other.

This massage is similar to the movements you perform when you wash your hands, and it not only stimulates your circulation, but it also warms your hands.

3. The chemical products that help you to have a clean house are in fact an enemy of your hands. Accordingly, you should avoid contact with these products when you clean the house.

It is preferable that you wear plastic gloves whenever you have to wash the floor, or you have to do some hand washing. The best gloves for this purpose are the surgical gloves, which you can find in any pharmacy and which are not expensive, thin and quite comfortable.

4. The moisturizing creams and lotions get inside the skin faster if you eliminate the dead cells first. In order to do this, you should keep you hands in water and soap for five minutes, after which you let them dry for a while, and then rub them with the harsh side of the bath sponge. You may also use sugar or salt instead of the sponge.

5. Olive oil – your hands’ friend. Warm some olive oil, pour it in a bowl, and put your hands in it, in turns. You may leave the oil on your hands for as long as you can, so that your skin absorbs it and your hands get all the moisturizing they need.

6. Masks for your hands: you may apply on your hands home made masks several times a week.

Mask made with lemon and avocado: in a ceramic bowl, mix one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of avocado oil, and one teaspoon of glycerine. Apply on your hands massaging them so that the cream will enter more easily inside your skin. After 20 minutes, wash with warm water without using any soap.

Mask made with honey: are your hands dry and your skin has lost elasticity? With a mask prepared from 2 teaspoons of honey, 4 capsules of A vitamin, and one teaspoon of glycerine, your problem has its solution. Use it 3-4 times a day. The honey has emollient properties, the glycerine softens your skin, and A vitamin regenerates the tissue.

7. Prepare your own hand cream:
If you cannot afford to buy a hand cream, you may prepare it yourself. There are a number of recipes equally effective. You may choose one or the other weighing the ingredients you find around the house.

Butter cream: mix a teaspoon of butter with a teaspoon of rose water and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Massage your hands with this. They will become softer.

Hydrating lotion: pour in a bottle one spoon of glycerine, one spoon of lemon juice, and five drops of rosewater. Massage your hands with this lotion when you finished the work inside the house. After 30 minutes, wash with warm water.

Banana cream: mix in a bowl one banana, one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of vegetal butter.
The mixture is ideal for moisturizing your hands. Spread it on your hands, leave for approximately 2-3 hours, and then wash with cold water.