Any woman wishes to be beautiful. And for your beauty, there are certain things you should do, and other things you should NOT do…

1. Drying your hair by rubbing it with the towel
When wet, your hair is especially sensitive and fragile. The hair cuticles are more fragile when the hair is wet. Consequently, do not dry your hair with the towel, because in time you will get split ends. It is better to wrap your hair in the towel and let it dry like this.

2. Using the expired creams or make-ups
If you use expired creams or make-up, you will be subject to the risk of getting pimples or irritation, because the preserving agents act only a limited period of time. After their validity is over, they become proper for the development of bacteria and germs. So, immediately throw any expired product, even if you feel sorry for it!

3. Deodorizer right after depilation
Your skin is going to be more irritated than ever, because of the alcohol and perfume. Shave or depilate in the evening, and use deodorizer in the morning.

4. Excessive care for the skin
Too many skin-products will irritate your skin. Use persistently only the products of the same series, which you tested and found good for your skin. We recommend you to use natural recipes to care the skin as much as possible.

5. Tight hair
When you pull you hair together, do not pull it too tight, because it only has to suffer…it is better to pull it not to tight and use also hairpins.

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6. Using nail polish without protective nail lacquer
Using nail polish without a first coat of nail lacquer may colour your nails in a yellowish tone, quite unaesthetic. A protective coat nourishes your nails and covers the irregularities.

7. Squeezing your pimples or blackheads using your fingers
Your fingers are full of bacteria, which may cause infections. It is best to perform this operation using gauze or paper-napkins, and then tampon the place with face-lotion.

8. Cleansing the creamy facemasks with water
Cleansing the creamy facemasks with water will diminish their effect. It is preferable to take them away using a paper napkin or make-up remover napkin.

9. Using tan -lotion without peeling
Using tan-lotion without peeling will only stain your skin, as the cream will mix with the impurities from the skin. Using peeling before tan-lotion will guarantee a uniform tanning.

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10. Arranging your lashes with your fingers
Arranging your lashes with your fingers will only break or pull them out, so it is better to use a small brush after mascara.

11. Daily use of peeling
Daily use of peeling has the opposite effect: the skin becomes thicker. Once a week is enough.

12. Using sun-protectors on the beach
Using sun-protectors will get you skin burn, as the filtering substances of the sun-protectors become efficient 30 minutes after applying it. So, apply it before going on the beach.

13. Nail polish immediately after bath
The nails become swollen, because of the warm water. When the water dries up, the surface of the nails is compressed, and the nail polish is going to peel off. Consequently, apply the nail polish on dry nails.

14. Sleeping without removing your make-up
Sleeping without removing your make-up has as result: pimples, wrinkles, tired skin. Therefore, no matter how tired you might be, do not sleep until you remove your make-up.

15. Long and hot baths
Long, hot baths will dry your skin. Do not take baths that will last longer than 10 minutes, and the top temperature should be 39 C.!! Finally, make it a habit out of taking a cold shower after a hot bath, as this will bring you your full vigour, and also will maintain the elasticity of your skin. After taking a bath, it is recommendable that you use body lotion or body milk.

16. Biting your lips when they are dry
Biting your lips when they are dry will only hurt them more. A better solution is to use a rich cream and brush them with a soft brush.

17. Daily use of hair ondulator or electric curlers
Daily use of hair ondulator or electric curlers is not recommended, as the high temperature dries up your hair and attacks the hair-ends. An alternative is the use of sponge hair curlers, with which you may even sleep.

18. Not to use glasses if you are short-sighted
Because you blink when looking at a distance, you will get wrinkles. And this is a shame, as nowadays there are so many models of modern frames.

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19. Rubbing your eyes
Rubbing your eyes is dangerous as you run the risk of injuring your cornea. It is recommendable that you practice yoga exercises that will disperse the tensions accumulated at the level of the eyes. Have no worry… You may find all these techniques reading the articles of our site.

20. Mousse foam on wet hair
The hairdo will last for a shorter period of time. The correct procedure is as follows: dry your hair with a towel or hair-dryer, until water will not drop from it and then apply the mousse foam.