The woman characterized by this constitutional type has got medium features; her body is neither robust, nor fragile. The bust is less generous than the previously discussed type (KAPHA), but it is well-shaped, firm, with prominent pink-red nipples. The skin is red, a little oily and hot.

The legs are strong and agile, thinner and more muscular than in the case of KAPHA. The temper is extrovert, affectionate and interested in personal achievements. Women who have this constitutional type predominant (generally there is only a combination of the three constitutional types) are rare.

They are most of the times ambitious (and they are not afraid of showing it), eager to get to the top. They tend to dominate the others and to impose their will on the rest; they always take their job seriously.

The main problems of this constitutional type are:
1. At physical and dynamic level the excess of body “heat” manifests through one of the following symptoms: hypertension, skin inflammation or rashes, fever, excessive appetite, hyperacidity, thirst or abundant sweat.

Breasts become hard and painful, easily irritable. Touching them often provokes unpleasant states. Their pain before menstruation is intense and burning.

2. At the psycho-mental level, these women manifest jealousy, pride, passion, and tendency to exaggerate. All these negative aspects lead to psychic weariness and frustration (because the women belonging to this type usually have a hierarchical perspective on things, dividing the world in two: superior and inferior). Often appear inferiority complexes.

These women should mainly focus on the following aspects: controlling their appetite, avoiding any kinds of disturbing stimuli, eating pure and natural food, cultivating a calm, kind, gentle and understanding inner attitude and aspiring to elevated ideals.

Their advantage is the ability to be victorious in all circumstances and to control the existence of a certain physical, psychic and mental equilibrium.

1. PITTA disharmony at VATA constitutional type is marked by the appearance of intense frustration, sudden states of nervousness and anger. They usually disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

The aggravation of PITTA leads to breaking up the relationships with the dear ones because of the psychic background we have just described (lack of satisfaction and joy). The symptoms appearing are skin rashes, stomachaches, sensitive breasts, and irritability.

2. PITTA disharmony at PITTA constitutional type is different because of anger and frustration. The appetite becomes strong and unrestrained. Often there are skin rashes and inflated skin.

The breasts are burning, painful and the menstruation lasts longer than normally. The relationships with the dear ones are tensed and stormy. There might appear stomachaches and diseases, such as: gastritis, stomach ulcer or hypertension.

3. PITTA disharmony at KAPHA constitutional type manifests psychically through states of unhappiness. The attitude towards the others is reserved, and usually it is not justified by the circumstances.

There might appear gastric pain. The skin is not shining anymore. The woman sweats a lot and her sweat is smelly. Touching the breasts leads to unjustified rejections.

The disharmony of PITTA appears in cases of hierarchical conflicts, tensed relationships, abuse of spice food, hot drinks and alcohol. It is common with proud and vain people, who usually get over anything and anybody in order to get where they want to, people without any ethical or moral principles.