Vitality, weight and a somewhat “massive” physical aspect, yet full of vigour, characterize this type of woman.

The chest is well developed, sometimes oversized. The breasts are big, round, soft with pale nipples.

The skin is white, bright and mate. The waist is thin, in contrast with the large pelvis. The legs are strong, with well-developed muscles.

From the psychic point of view, are tender, kind, compassionate and warm-hearted. They are rather withdrawn and forgiving.

Certain women corresponding to this constitutional type but having a lot more Yang energy in their energetic structure present additional qualities: they concern the others and they have the tendency to turn all situations and relationships into something stable.

The women included in KAPHA type are reliable, with great capacity for effort, with lasting memory, but assimilating slowly.

The main problems that might appear at the women belonging to this constitutional type are:

1. At the physical level: excessive bodily weight, obesity, great appetite (especially for sweets), sedentary life and sleepiness. Consequently, if these women are not careful with their bodies, their breasts may become oversized and flaccid, cellulite appears, and the freshness disappears.

2. At the psychological level the problems that might appear relate to excessive attachment to things, people or situations. This woman may experience feelings of disappointment, depression and confusion owing to a state of inertia, withdrawal and lack of interest.

A woman included in this constitutional type should focus on keeping in shape with physical exercises (fitness, swimming, aerobics, yoga , jogging, etc.), diets low on sugar, fat and high on fruits, vegetables, and row food.

Also, she should do exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles, maintain a convenient body weight and have an energetic, tight massage once in a while. Those are, in fact, indications valid for the entire body, not only for the breasts.

Each DOSHA can be aggravated (in a state of excess and lack of harmony), which leads to the appearance of a number of unpleasant manifestations, characteristic to each DOSHA.

In the following we will describe the most common of those manifestations, so that you will be able to recognize and remedy them.

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1. In the case of a woman belonging to the VATA constitutional type, a KAPHA disharmony manifests through states of inertia and overweight. The body loses femininity, the skin becomes cold, especially the extremities (palms and feet).

The breasts lose their firmness. Digestion becomes slow and hard. From an erotic point of view, there may appear inexplicable inhibitions and even rejection with no apparent reason, as well as states of depression and sadness. There is also certain attraction to material things and money.

2. In the case of a woman belonging to the PITTA constitutional type, a KAPHA disharmony manifests specifically to women who are fighting to preserve their possessions: money, lover or even baby.

They are withdrawn, very possessive and jealous. Their appetite is great. Their body, which is usually elastic and flexible, becomes soft and flaccid, and their breasts loses its contour.

3. In the case of a woman belonging to the KAPHA constitutional type, a KAPHA disharmony manifests typically to very possessive women who tend to accumulate and then savour what they’ve got.

It manifests most commonly through a state of sleepiness. The body becomes flaccid; the breasts get bigger, even huge, losing their contour and femininity.

There is a state of gracelessness of the entire physical appearance. The appetite increases. Often enough sexual appetite changes into food appetite, especially for sweets.

Generally the KAPHA DOSHA disharmony manifests especially in women who do not practice sufficiently physical exercises, who would rather watch TV than take a walk, who eat too many sweets, meat and pasta. This is a typical disharmony in the case of possessive women, attracted to domestic life.

All these aggravating situations interfere with the constitutional type, which is different from woman to woman. Often the characteristics of the DOSHA-s interfere in a person at all levels.

Thus, a woman might be of medium size (PITTA type), with dark skin (VATA type) and big, full breasts (KAPHA type). In order to be able to determine the physical and psychical characteristics of a person, you need to have experience in the field, both theoretical and practical.