In the “Women” section of our site, we have presented the three fundamental types of the Hindu traditional medical system, Ayurveda .

In order to really understand the deep significance of these fundamental types, as well as the advantages that derive from their knowledge, it is necessary that we clearly notice the manifestations of the Doshas both in our being, and in the world around us.

The play of the three Doshas always creates a fascinating variety of forms, which have perceivable characteristics to the intuitive person.

Remember that knowledge is power. Consequently, the knowledge of the Doshas offers us the capacity of transforming ourselves according to the elevated ideal to which we, as women, aspire.

In the following, we will present a fundamental classification of the breasts types from the point of view of the preponderant/dominating Dosha.

Such breasts are big, heavy, sometimes oversized. They are usually soft, yet firm and have a special lurch while walking. The skin is light colored, and the nipples are usually pink or brown-pink.

The mammary aureole is pale and bigger than that of the other fundamental types. Their general aspect is impressive, emanating vitality, energy and vigor. They are not easily excitable, needing a certain time and gradual building up in the intensity of the stimulation until the woman’s state is effervescent. However, once it reached a certain stage, it appears a highly intense and plenary satisfaction.

There are medium-sized, firmly contoured, and are not as developed and heavy as the KAPHA breasts. Their skin is elastic, pink to red, and the nipples are brown-reddish especially when stimulated. The mammary aureole is intensely pink, and is medium-sized. This type of breasts is easily excitable, their stimulation producing states of intense pleasure.

They are the smallest in size. Their general aspect is very delicate, firm and they give the impression that they are not yet mature. The skin is darker, and the nipples are brownish with red nuances. The mammary aureole is very small, and dark. These breasts are easily excitable, producing intense sensations. The range of sensations due to their caress is quite varied.

All these characteristics are for the harmonized fundamental types.

This type of waist is clearly contoured in rapport with the hips. The line of the waist goes smoothly to the hips. The waist is a little bigger than the other fundamental types, but the overall aspect of the body is emanating harmony and vitality.

The abdomen has a smooth, fine, soft skin, lighter in color. The musculature is not obvious underneath the soft skin. The adipose tissue is more abundant than in the case of the other fundamental types – and a good example is the woman as we see it in the paintings from the Renaissance.

This adipose tissue is nonetheless uniformly disposed, forming the “curves” that are one of the feminine attributes of beauty. With a balanced life, a proper diet and physical exercise, the waist will keep its fine contours. The waist gets bigger at a slow pace, but coming back to the initial figures is just as slow, even in the case of a greater effort.

The waist has fine contours, but it is not very fine and the contrast with the hips is not as clear as in the KAPHA type. The abdominal muscles are well defined and quite obvious, which gives the woman a supple, attractive aspect.

The skin on the abdomen is elastic, soft, with reddish-pink nuances. The abdomen is not as rounded as in the case of the KAPHA type, but it is neither flat, as in the case of the VATA type.

When gaining weight, the adipose tissue does not form an even stratum. The massive deposits of fat on the waist indicate a strong lack of balance of this fundamental type.

The pelvis of the woman belonging to this fundamental type is medium, pretty generous, but lacking the roundness of the KAPHA type.

The variations in weight and waist are quite frequent at this fundamental type (within certain limits, obviously). Moreover, the women belonging to this type are capable of controlling their weight more easily than the other types.

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This is the smallest, finest waist. Along with the dimensions, another characteristic of this type is the reduced contrast between waist and hips.

The abdomen is usually flat, without any prominences. The waist is sometimes high, not only small, and this fact gives a fragile, transparent appearance. Often there are asymmetries of the waist.

The abdominal skin is less soft and fine than in the case of the other fundamental types.
Gaining weight helps a lot the women with these characteristics, as it will have a nice feminine contrast between the waist and the hips.

However, gaining weight is a difficult process and has to build up gradually, or else the weight may be disposed unevenly, mainly on the abdomen and less on the hips, and buttocks.