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Pitta Dosha aggravated presents one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Strong, insatiable appetite
  • Irritability, nervousness, fury, envy, frustration
  • The preference for alcohol and other exciting foods
  • Excessive preference for hot, spicy, salted food
  • Diseases such as arterial hypertension, fever without apparent reason
  • Quick aging that leads to the loss of the glow and freshness of the skin, the secretion of sebum

Women who have this type of aggravation present two kinds of symptoms:
1. The receptive women, who care about everything, after an intense period of stress, or psychic state of tiredness. Then the body becomes slimmer, the abdominal musculature is blocked, determining the appearance of waist deformities.

The breasts become smaller, and the woman either loses her sexual appetite or becomes sexually frustrated or inhibited. Owing to some inferiority complexes, the woman may retreat in her shell or she may adopt an attitude of false expansiveness.

2. The women with stronger and vain personality have an attitude of “I know what I’m doing”, which is the background of alimentary abuses, postponing the rest, excess of passion in sexual relationships, a lifestyle incompatible with the feminine condition, all these leading to premature aging.

The signs of aging are in the beginning the loss of the characteristic brightness, of the feminine purity, followed by the change of the physical lines.

The symptoms that follow from this stage can be easily mistaken with those of the Kapha aggravated: the breasts lose their firmness, a heavy physical aspect, and the deposits of fat in different areas, mainly in the abdominal area.

The diet recommended in the case of Pitta Dosha aggravated should include pure, cold, consistent food, avoiding as much as possible the food that tastes salted, sour, oily and hot. Exclude the meat, alcohol, the food preserved with synthetic preservatives. Reduce the consume of fried, preserved, or sour foods.

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Healing food includes: milk, cream, clarified butter, cheese, juices made of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially made of grapes, apples, kiwi, grapefruit, carrot, and celery. As salads, try the cabbage and green salad.

As cereals we recommend rice, rye and oat and as spices: foeniculum, basil, and saffron. Moderately sweet foods based on honey are recommended.


  • Do not each too much during one meal and always combine several dishes.
  • Fill the stomach two thirds of its capacity and the rest with cold infusions made of herbs.
  • Avoid watching TV, talking, reading or other things that distract your attention from the food.
  • Save 5 minutes for recalling a state of inner peace and calm before eating.
  • Eating less is a process that should develop in time, not all of a sudden. If you wish to eat less, reduce the quantity of food with one quarter during the first day and during the next three days reduce it with another quarter.

    Tantra MagazineStop eating when you feel you reached a state of balance between the real needs of your organism and the quantity of food required. It is recommendable that we do not lose too much weight, but instead we take care and keep the balance between our height, weight and constitutional type.

  • The women who are not well-built will try to improve the quality of their food, eating pure, fresh and easily digestible food.
  • Avoid eating when tired or nervous. It is advisable that we take our time and calm down before eating.
  • Drinking cold infusions and liquids is also recommendable, but they should not be taken directly from the fridge.
  • Do not eat either very hot or very cold food. Keep it inside at your room temperature.