In order to understand the concept of aggravation and to apply it practically check also the presentation in our previous articles in this section.

Kapha Dosha aggravation has one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling of heaviness in all the body; heavy sleep; difficulty in getting oneself to action
  • Mucus in excess on the digestive tube; tendency to expectorate, especially in the morning
  • The flesh on the abdomen, bottom, and the breasts lose their firmness
  • Excessive appetite, especially for sweet or salted food
  • Day-dreaming
  • Sinusitis, chronic indigestion, diabetes
  • Gaining of weight, in the sense of unaesthetic fat deposits. The Kapha women become develop cellulite, and excessive fat. The Pitta women gain fat in the abdominal area, their breasts lose their firmness, and their waist is no longer slim and elegant. The Vata women gain weight mainly on their abdomen, while the arms and feet stay thin.
  • On a psychic level, a woman confronted with Kapha Dosha aggravated faces depression, overwhelming sadness, and indifference

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The diet recommended in the case of this type of aggravation includes light, dry, pure, and fresh food, avoiding eating great amounts of food tasting sweet, sour, and salted.

Eliminate the meat, sweets, pasta, and sugar from your daily diet, and be moderate in consuming milk products, potatoes, and rice.

Healing food includes: apples, lemon, liquid honey, dried fruits: raisins, figs, dried apples and other dried fruits, green salad, cabbage, radishes, soy beans, lentil and beans.

As spices the specialists recommend: cardamom, bitter curry, oregano, savory and as cereals: corn, millet, buckwheat and rye.


  • The meals have special and clearly delineated intervals; avoid “crunching” in between the meals.
  • The first meal is to be served after 10 am, and the last meal of the day no later than 21 pm.
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  • Never tap an afternoon nap, as this is a Kapha Dosha aggravating factor.
  • Eat in an atmosphere of tonus, and joy; you may even use a dynamic musical background.
  • Chew the food as this reduces the quantity of food you ingest. Do not serve more than 3 meals a day.
  • Begin your meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, and only after about 10 minutes pass on to the prepared food.
  • Do not eat food taken out of the refrigerator. It is recommended that you eat at least one warm meal a day.