Beauty is the magical key that opens any gate. It is that “Open Sesami”. Beauty does not need words to be noticed as it can be distinguished before other qualities that we posses.

Many persons overrate the outer beauty and are willing to pay any price to preserve it. Experts from the entire world create the best cosmetics, the most suitable accessories and garments, the most complex gymnastic programmes for keeping in shape.

The traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda , reveals us that beauty consists of three types that makes it complete, so that it is not only an outer aspect but inner, too.

Who has not stopped at least once a day in front of a mirror in order to study her/his body features, the face expression, the sight? It is for sure that you have done this, too and you have noticed the beauty and light you irradiated in your “good” days and your lack of brightness from your tense, hard days.

Ayurveda considers that all these changes of your physical appearance are consequences of your mental, emotional and spiritual states.

“People must understand that a healthy skin and beauty are generated first of all from the inside and they depend in a less degree on the outside.” – said Mr. Rama Kant Mishra, an ayurvedist from Bihar, India, a dermatologist expert. He belongs to a family of physicians who have treated for thousands of years the dermatological problems of the Indian kings and of their relatives.

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Nowadays, Mr. Mishra leads a team of herbalist searchers from Delphi, who study in their high-standardly equipped labs the old herb mixtures, and prepare by cold pressing, different recipes meant for preserving and creating of what we all wish: the beauty of our being.

In his book, “The Maharishi Ayur-Ved Way of Beauty from Within”, published in 1996, Mr. Mishra states the Ayurvedic theory of the three types of beauty: roopam – the outer beauty, gunam – the inner beauty and vayastayag – the ultimate beauty.

The goal of the treatments and practices presented in the book is to create subhanga karanam, a Sanscrit term meaning the “wellbeing of all parts of the body”, including not only the physical harmony but also the psycho – mental one, consisting of : character strength, self – confidence, happiness.

Roopam refers to the outer beauty expressed through the following signs: shining skin and hair, rosy face, physical cleanness. The modern cosmetical treatment is meant for this superficial level. The Indian medicine aims at a more profound level.

According to Ayurveda, in nature there are three vital principles – dosha: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Your skin type is determined by your predominant dosha.

The Vata type skin is dry, cold, dark, with a tendency to chap. It needs an emmolient and nourishing therapy.

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The Pitta type skin is fat, sebbhoreaic and warm; it has a tendency to be very sensitive especially at the sun; it irritates and rubefies easily, it is liable to acnee and it needs refreshment and drying.

The Kapha type skin is oily, cold, pale. Its pores have the tendency to dilate and occlude that is why it needs treatments that dry and purify.

In order to harmonize your doshas and preserve your complexion healthy, you can use herbs orally administrated, natural masks, vapour baths, massage with different oils according to your constitution.

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