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A lacto-vegetarial diet, based on uncooked food (which is sattvic and contains much Prana ) is very important for preserving the skin health. One of the best ways to metabolize correctly the food is to eat every day at the same time.

The lunch must be the most consistent meal, as at this time of the day the digestive fire, Agni , reaches its best activity.

The final result of the digestion is Ojas , a subtle fluid that spreads in the entire body, making it more vital, fresh and beautiful. The food that produce Ojas are: the white rice, almonds, ginger (moderately consumed before meals), warm milk with ghee, fresh fruit and vegetables (especially asparagus), warm water drunk in small draughts.

An equilibrated Agni confers an incresed ability to burn the toxins that can disturb the skin health. A simple method to normalize your degstive fire is to use spices according to your constitutional type.

Roopam also means that kind of beauty that distinguishes a person in a crowd thanks to his/her subtle brightness.

There are special herbs that amplifies this quality by making that person resonate with the state of perfect beauty: rosemary, cat-nip, liquorice, Indian sarsaparilla, red sandal wood.

Gunam, the inner beauty is the result of the purity of mind, of self-confidence, of the effort to know ourselves and to be aware of our own value.

This beauty is visible to people irradiating love and who, only through their presence, change everything around them. Those feeling sorry for themselves, focused on their ego can not be beautiful no matter how much “polished” their outer image is.

The best method to achieve gunam is to meditate daily in the morning and in the night (before supper) and to use in the same time nervous invigorating herbs that develop your memory and release the psychic tensions (sweet calamus, balm mint, garden sage, coriander).

The yoga postures (especially Halasana , Vajrasana ), The Greeting of the Sun and Pranayama confer more beauty and mental clarity.

Vayastayag, the ultimate beauty is the consequence of our being aware of the profound and divine nature. It goes beyond time and is not influenced by it.

The human beings that preserve their psychic youth and pure child-like mind irradiate the same beauty no matter how many years have passed.

Tantra Magazine

They have discovered a big secret that they now live with their entire being: the veritable beauty appears when you let God shine within yourself.

Ayurveda proves its unique value through its rejuvenation methods. The well known Rasayana cures (reinvigorating stimulants) revitalize the essence of our being itself and confer us the much wanted ageless youth and deathless life.

Still, the most powerful rejuvenation therapy is Brahma Rasayana: the meditation in which we limitlessly expand in God, living and manifesting His infinite beauty.


SPICES garlic
black pepper
common burdock
Our Lady’s bedstraw
garden sage
MASKS (they are applied for 15-20 min., then removed by washing with camomile infusion) 1. cumin in olive oil or ghee
2. 3 spoons of mallow and jasmine powder mixed with 1 yolk and 50 ml. of boilt and cooled watter (or mineral water)
1. aloe gel
2. scraped carrot mixed with cream (for irritated complexion)
3. a mixture of turmeric, milk and banana
4. 3 spoons of camomile powder, lavender and garden sage mixed with 1 spoon of clay and 50 ml. Add boilt and cooled watter (or mineral water)
1. tomatoes
2. compresses with arnica infusion (avoid eye contact in case of conjunctivitis, as they have an irritating effect)
3. 3 spoons of savory, garden sage, marigold powders mixed with 1 spoon of clay and 50 ml. Boilt and cooled water (or mineral water)
VAPOUR BATHS (to which you should add few drops of volatile oil) juniper oil or sweet calamus
lavender or minth oil savory oil
MASSAGE sesami oil coconut oil dried or with alcohol


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