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A great secret in the practice of sexual continence is learning about the mechanism of the orgasm. There are, both men and women so skillful in the art of love with sexual continence that they can experience orgasmic states at will and even induce these ineffable states in others, even without physical contact.
Sexologists define the orgasm in a non-poetical manner. They say that the orgasm is “a trance accompanied by the loss of contact with reality”.
In the tantric opinion, orgasm is a beneficial state of expanded consciousness in which the usual limits of the being are spontaneously dropped, the limits of the mind are abolished and the subject plunges into the abyss of a beatific void.
When one lives the orgasm, he/she discovers with amazement the state of abandoning one’s self to the ecstatic experience, the abnegation, the “death” of the ego, the dissolution of time and space, the unifying state of contraries.
All these effects make the state of orgasm identical with the state of spiritual bliss. For this very reason, in Tantra, the state of spiritual illumination is also named the “Cosmic Orgasm”. So, do not mix up the orgasm with simple pleasure or sexual satisfaction.

Tantra Magazine


Even though a lot has been spoken and written about Tantra, only a few really know what it means. Tantra is an Eastern spiritual system that has as a main purpose the “unification of the contraries at the all levels of the human being”.

In Tantra, the man and the woman are seen as expressions or reflections of the two most fundamental macro cosmic energies, represented by Shiva (the male principle) and Shakti (the female principle), in any form they would appear.
The balanced union of these two opposite poles, the female one (yin, negative) and the male one (yang, positive) drives, in the end, to the liberation of mind and body, a liberation of the endless cycle of reincarnation and ultimately to the deification of the human being.
The man and the woman include in their beings the entire world’s possibilities and experiences in a potential form. When they are engaged in erotic fusion, these possibilities reveal themselves in a new and harmonious way and produce an Ineffable Unity, a state which is at the basis of the entire creation.
Tantra can reunify a separation produced a long time ago in the western society between lovemaking and spirituality. In no other source can you meet such harmony between lovemaking and spirituality. Tantra is a way of spiritual evolution, of erotic fusion integrated as a sacred act, which has the purpose to drive us closer to the Supreme Absolute (God).
In order to facilitate such a fusion at the all levels of the human being, Tantra uses a variety of physiological, psychological, devotional and spiritual techniques. We aim to present the most representative and efficient techniques.
Tantra does not contradict the Christian religion and for this it can offer to the modern and over-challenged man an accessible manner to improve his life, to be happier, to make peace within himself and with others, to live the erotic fusion more profoundly, more intensely and for a greater period of time.
Tantra or the cult of ecstasy as some call it, is a spiritual way based on the mystic experience of erotic play rather than on rigid dogmas, as it is sometimes thought.
In Tantra, the erotic act becomes sacred, it is full of love and adoration. It is a gift of life. Thus, tantric art, their lyrics and rituals glorify the erotic act.

The tantric adepts glorify life and learn to discover the divine spark in the human being. They use all their senses, the mind and the spirit to reach the summits of mystic experiences.

Tantra offers a vision of illumination and of transcedency that is totally different from all the other branches of yoga. In Tantra, the path towards liberation passes precisely through the heart, which has to be consciously opened towards the others.

Tantra Magazine

In other words you can make your dreams come true without abandoning yourself in the wave of passion but by submerging in a perfectly controlled way. You can reach this by acting with caution, with an open mind, and at the same time by employing certain esoteric keys that will allow you to control the subtle energies of a human being.

Let’s take sexuality for example. If you succeed in controlling this huge energy you will be very sexual and you will be able to do this without losing control over the impulses and desires of an inferior and lower vibratory frequency.

Among these lower, more primal, carnal, degraded vibratory frequencies we can mention jealousy, possessiveness or lasciviousness.

For men, almost the entire art of Tantra is aimed at avoiding ejaculation, at slowing the rhythm of movement, at keeping yourself very close to the “point of no return” but in a safe zone, maintaining, extending and amplifying in this way the spiritual energy.

This “avoidance” of the loss of control is, in fact, the transmutation of the seed into energy and the sublimation of the resulted energies into more elevated forms: vitality, refined erotic experiences, pure will, affectivity, superior intuition, the power of mental concentration, aspiration and abnegation in oder to fuse with the absolute. Acting this way the man becomes an “incarnation” of Shiva, the universal male principle, the “Father” of the entire creation.

For women, the tantric art means to give themselves to their lovers in an aware and loving way, being the material manifestation of the mysterious energy of the Universe – Shakti or the “Mother” of the entire creation.

Thanks to this transfiguration, both lovers can reach a profound feeling of secret peace and inner calm. By elevating their inner state they surpass the rush, the feeling of insecurity and stress. Now they fight for nothing and they accept with detachment and lucidity all that is offered by life.

Once this state is reached, it becomes easily possible to make love for hours, while maintaining a state of meditation all the time.
Tantra cannot be reduced to just lovemaking. In fact Tantra is an inner spiritual attitude. Many men are tempted by it but as it is said: “many come, few are chosen”.

To understand Tantra and then to wisely practice it, you need an open mind, intelligence and courage. These qualities are extremely rare for the age we are in, a period of spiritual decline ( Kali Yuga ). Here is the reason why these days so very few men are capable of practicing Tantra, even tough many men imagine they can.

The indispensable condition for a successful tantric practice is the right information about the techniques, the methods off approach, and the presence of a tantric master to continuously supervise your progresses.

“Nobody will succeed in obtaining perfection by using difficult and dull methods. Perfection can be easily obtained by the use of the most satisfying of all desires.”


Kularnava Tantra

Though these two sciences have different objectives, one spiritual and the other experimental, they often meet in an amazing manner. The “horizontal” study of sexology does not get as close to the spiritual, “vertical”, magic aspect of sexuality, which is specific to Tantra. Sexology is a medical science of sex, which studies its physical and psychic aspects and dysfunctions.

From the tantric point of view, sex is considered to be the “brain” where the alchemycal transformations of the sexual matter into energy take place. Tantra starts from the point where sexology ends. Evens so, sexology often describes certain special orgasmic experiences similar with those described by Tantra Yoga.

According to contemporary sexology and the tantric tradition, in order to obtain a profound sexual harmony in a couple and to refine the experience of love, it is recommended to consider the following elements:

Tantra Magazine

  • Suppressing sexual taboos
  • Being very much aware of everything – sensations, energies and feelings related to the sexual organs
  • The aspiration towards a spiritual kind of eroticism, by stimulating the tension of libido
  • The physical and psychic sexual auto-stimulation
  • Training and the practice of the neuro-muscular relaxation
  • The education and the exercise of the intimate (sexual) muscles
  • The active participation of the woman in the erotic fusion