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“The superior gates of the body, as well as the inferior ones should be guarded closely so that the energies of life will not leave the body. By concentrating on the inferior ecstatic forces you will obtain wonderful visions in the sky of your mind. This is a great mystery that shortens your journey to Final Freedom.”

Yogini Tantra

The secret of the inferior gates lies in the contraction of the anal sphincters or in placing a finger or a part of the foot on the orifice in order to cover it (usually the heel).

The secret of the superior gates refers to closing (physically or mentally) the orifices in the area of the head: mouth, nose, ears, eyes and fontanel.

If the mouths of the two lovers are pressed against each other, they come together. If the lovers look into each other’s eyes, then energies circulate between them, without being dissipated.

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The nose is blocked by holding the breath or by an intimate contact with the nose of the other. Ears may be covered with certain parts of the body. Finally, placing a hand over the top of the head will close the fontanel.

Yogi texts refer to a “mystical block”, known as Yoni Mudra, described in GHERANDA SAMHITA as follows:

“Block your ears with your thumbs, your eyes with your forefingers, your nostrils with your middle-fingers, the upper lip with your ring-fingers and the lower lip with your little fingers. Inhale the prana and unite it with the apana. Contemplate the Subtle Body as well as the Chakras.”

Though Yoni Mudra is not essential for those who form a couple, it can be used during sexual contact. You must keep in mind that, while ecstasy approaches, a tendency to lose the energy will occur. You can stop this by blocking your orifices.

The best way to do this is to block the top of your lover’s head with your hand while strongly imagining it as a mystical initiation. Thus, the ecstatic moment can be prolonged and a mystical form of consciousness will develop.

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When the couple confront the indescribable pleasure of their sexual ecstasy, the mind will start “having” different visions and the heart will “feel” them.

The two lovers will develop a mystical consciousness about the goal of their lives and they will perceive wonderful visions through the third eye. It will help them realize that their spirits are unique.

A common mystical vision, associated with sexual ecstasy, represents the Island of Jewels, an archetypal manifestation of the souls in harmony with each other.

Such a vision can be developed and maintained by bringing the elements together. GHERANDA SAMHITA offers a wonderful technique of visualization in order to create the Island of Jewels:

“Close your eyes and imagine that in the zone of your hearts, there is an endless ocean of nectar. In the middle of this ocean there is an island of gems, the sand is made of diamonds, the rocks are emeralds and rubies and the mountains are sapphires.

Imagine that there are trees all around that island. They are full of wonderful and perfumed flowers. Imagine that you sit in the middle of this island and imagine the presence of the Great Tree of Desire, with its four branches (symbolizing the four sacred Vedas) filled with fruits and multi-colored flowers.

Bees are flying around this magnificent tree collecting pollen. There are birds and animals all around. Imagine the divine beauty of this tree. Colored lights, thousands of rays in joyful games, projecting into the sky, in your mind and in your heart.

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Then picture the god that you have chosen to adore (or your lover) in this place and contemplate the entire scene down to its smallest detail.”

If the lovers become aware of the superior forces within their bodies during intercourse, then they will be able to stop their energies from flowing outside by closing these gates.

“Death is overcome by those who make their energy flow inside their bodies. The natural flow of energy can be reversed through body positions, different “seals”, reverse “orientation”, through breath control and meditation.”

Kaula Tantra