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“If a man has intercourse without ejaculating, then his vital essence increases, his body becomes more harmonious, his sight and hearing become subtle and refined. Though such a person has restrained his passions, his love for the woman increases greatly. It is as if he cannot get enough of her.”



From ancient times the eyes have been considered as a mirror for the soul. They provide valuable information about the physical or psychic state of a person.
That is why doctors pay so much attention to the condition of the eyes, especially when giving a diagnosis. Tantric masters used to examine the eyes of their disciples in order to perceive their hidden tendencies and desires.

When we meet a person for the first time, we unconsciously record many exterior impressions. It is that “look in the eye” that gives us the so-called “first impression”. At other times an almost imperceptible “glance” may create an ultimate, but very important impression.

Tantra considers expressions of the eyes as absolutely significant and important and Tantric masters have issued a number of ways and categories of “looking”.

Tantric learning classifies these ways of “looking” in four main categories, according to the position of the eyes and patterns of breathing. When you roll your eyes, your eyes will look up, to the forehead, while breathing out.
The ‘conqueror’ look implies that the eyes are turned to the left while you breathe in. In the ‘begging’ look, the eyes are oriented to the right and a little up while you hold your breath. The tough look or the ‘rigid’ look is when the eyes look to the tip of your nose whilst the breath is relaxed.
These techniques are well known to the Tantrics and have been used for a long time. In the Occident these techniques are only familiar to professional hypnotists, magicians, certain salespersons and impostors, because in order to use them efficiently one has to know certain specific rules. Luckily these techniques have been kept secret so far.
The eyes have a nerve structure similar to that of the brain. These nerves act almost like a computer and can predict motions before they take place. The eyeballs never rest. During dreaming they move very fast. It looks like there is a direct connection between these motions and fantasy.

It is easy to judge if a person is listening carefully to what he is told by looking at his look. In the same way you can “detect” a lie or hesitation by studying the movements of a person’s eyes.
In the GHERANDA SAMHITA there is a simple technique which enables us to gain a conscious control of our eyes. It is known as TRATAKA or the “staring glance”and is described as follows,
“Stare at an object (a candle for example) placed in front of you and do not blink. Empty your mind of all thoughts and keep on fixing the gaze upon the chosen object until tears start coming down your cheeks. Any eye disease will disappear through this method and you may even become clairvoyant.”
In the Eastern tradition, the “look at the tip of the nose” is a famous meditation technique. It also helps to rest and relax both the eyes and mind. During this exercise you should focus your attention on your breath and notice your periods of inhalation, retention and exhalation.
A clairvoyant may perceive the different steps and distinct elements of the breathing exercise due to the co lour and shape of the breath. When the body is balanced and the mind relaxed, you’ll get an inner vision that transcends the normal limits of time and space.

Feelings are easy to identify and to recognize in a look, especially anger, joy, happiness, humor or sensuality. “The Reflection” of the feelings in the eyes is due to a subtle energetic channel that connects the eyes with MANIPURA CHAKRA, the center of force situated in the navel area. Thus any feeling can be evoked by using techniques of breathing and visualization.
Feelings unconsciously appear and change all the time. The retention of the breath gives birth to a subtle force that moves from the navel CHAKRA to the eyes. When this force is implicitly connected to a certain visualization then the eyes really express that feeling.

If, for example, you want to enhance erotic feelings, first stimulate the inner fire by doing a number of breathing exercises, concentrate on the breath retention and then channel your energy upwards. Next, imagine a certain erotic scene and try to visualize all the details as clearly as possible. Soon, you will see that you are deeply “involved” in that vision.
By balancing breathing and emotions you will be capable of consciously directing erotic energy outside through your eyes. But this force should be used very carefully, therefore, try to enrich it with a deep and compassionate love.
To do this, visualize another subtle energetic channel that connects ANAHATA CHAKRA with the eyes. Thus channeling compassion to the outside and combining it with the force that pushes from MANIPURA CHAKRA.
The right side of the brain is directly connected with the left eye and the left side with the right eye. Headaches are usually caused by nervous exhaustion at work. They can easily be cast away by applying a light pressure above the eyeballs, at the base of the nose.
For the sinuses and migraines, massaging the area right under the eyes can relieve them. The eyes will also benefit from scalp massage, the use of cold water, fresh air and reversed poses in Hatha Yoga, such as Sarvangasana and Sirshasana, which increases the flow of blood to the brain.
Eastern teachings underline the importance of taking care of the eyes. Heat is considered to be the main enemy of the eyes; it is recommended that you cover them with a wet, cold piece of cloth when taking steam baths or hot showers. The oldest eye balm is KOHL, used by both men and women in the East.
Nowadays, there is a multitude of such balms on the market. Generally, they are nothing but simple products made of dark colored substances and a base. Their beneficial effect is minimal and some of them are even dangerous to the eyes.
TRUE KOHL is obtained by burning herbs with beneficial and refreshing effects, certain oils or compounds and collecting soot on a cold surface like, for example, the exterior side of a pot filled with cold water.
The best balms are made from camphor, mixed with different herbs and then burnt. When it is well prepared, the balm refreshes the eyes and gives a sensual brightness to your look.
According to Tantric and Taoist teachings, the eyes have a function that is directly connected to the control of the mind. For example, in order to avoid early ejaculation, it is recommended to you look all the way around several times.

The texts say that this ensures the control over the mind and the effective control in the area of the navel which “enhances the fire”. It also stabilizes the need of energetic discharge through ejaculation.
Another Tantric technique consists of looking up when the breathing is stopped. This will distract the mind from the action of the senses and will prevent involuntary orgasm.
The erotic act, performed with sexual continence is very beneficial for the eyes, bringing strength and brightness to them.


“When worldly passions appear, the wife is not able to look her husband in the eye anymore.”



“Dissolve your entire body in your inner vision so that you can always see clearly…”