Generally, it is more difficult to speak about various kinds of orgasm in the case of men than in the case of women. Among the reasons which account for this we must recall the fact that male orgasms are usually accompanied by explosive ejaculations which makes it much shorter and less conscious. Also, women have a greater inborn awareness and control of their pelvic area, and therefore can distinguish much easier between the various sensations and phenomena that occur in this zone. That is most often why the different forms of orgasm are explained from the woman’s standpoint. The importance in TANTRA to study the various forms of orgasm comes from the fact that some of these forms are typically ‘Tantric’ – which means that they are a springboard towards superior states of consciousness – and therefore practitioners have to arouse, activate, and amplify this energy in a very special way. The first categorization for the forms of orgasm (valid both for men and women) is: superficial orgasm and deep orgasm.

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THE SUPERFICIAL ORGASM is more a reflex, genital phenomenon, manifested by certain rhythmic contractions of the perineum muscles. For women, they are unleashed by stimulations of the extra-vaginal erogenous areas, and especially the clitoris. It is associated with a stiffening of thigh and abdomen muscles with fear, psychic tension, a vigilant immobility, and the desperate attempt of reaching an orgasm. Often, it is accompanied by a sensation of pressing downwards with the muscles, like with a piston, which comes together with an impulse to discharge quickly, to push out something as fast as possible, almost like in the case of constipation. Actually, very often women who experience this kind of orgasm witness at the same time the discharging of gas from the intestines (expelling flatulence) or from the vagina (in cases where there was air) and even urine from the urethra. This form of orgasm is often associated with egoistic tendencies and masturbation (for men also) and is very frequent nowadays. It is localized almost entirely at the level of the genitals and therefore seems to be partial and incomplete; since it doesn’t spread to the entire being, it often is unsatisfactory, and leaves behind a mood of frustration.

THE DEEP ORGASM is a much more complete form of orgasm, associated for women with deep vaginal stimulations, and which often may present aspects, such as: paroxysmal phases (cries, tears, stopping of the breath), deep undulations of the vaginal and uterine muscles that spread throughout the entire body and even to the head, and a deep feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. This form of orgasm depends to a great extent upon the simultaneous stimulation of all the erogenous zones; thus it loses its genital character, and becomes spread throughout the entire body. The topic of erogenous zones and the ways of massaging and stimulating them will be approached in detail later. By studying other ways to classifying forms of orgasm, it will become even more obvious why deep forms of orgasm are those that lead – in TANTRA to higher states of consciousness.

There is another way to classify the different orgasms. It is connected with a certain hierarchic graduation, which corresponds to the three GUNA-s from YOGATAMAS , the blind, unconscious orgasm; RAJAS , the dynamic, passionate orgasm; and SATTVA , the subtle, meditative orgasm, without ejaculation. Thus, the 5 forms of orgasm are:

1. THE CLITORIDIAN ORGASM, is local, superficial, external, and gives a false feeling of security in the beginning, since it is connected with the idea that it doesn’t depend on the other. According to TANTRA, it is connected with a predominance of the lunar energy, and therefore beings that only experience this form of orgasm develop a large excess of lunar energy, with all its subsequent consequences. Also, it is connected with energy from a secondary centre of force, which is called YONI CHAKRA which is quite hard to control. This form is nowadays very frequent for women, because there exists an unfortunate general trend in so-called “sexual education”, for warmly recommending it, but according to TANTRA this is a mistake. This form of orgasm may sometimes be connected with other forms of orgasm, like the vaginal one.

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THE VAGINAL ORGASM has two distinct forms:

2. THE LOWER VAGINAL ORGASM, is placed in the area of the perineum, at the entrance to the vagina, it is still quite external, and incomplete, being connected with the energy of MULADHARA CHAKRA; its wild energy still makes it problematic in what concerns its control.

3. THE NORMAL (DEEP) VAGINAL ORGASM, which is connected with energy of SVADHISHTHANA CHAKRA is already much more profound, complete and satisfactory. According to TANTRA this orgasm already shows a predominance of solar energy, but unfortunately – because of the lack of proper instruction – most women fail their entire life to reach this form of orgasm. This form of orgasm, manifested by clear, powerful vaginal contractions is often accompanied by a considerable discharging of sexual fluids; the orgasm brought about by the notorious “G-point” (G, after Graffenberg, the modern sexologist who allegedly re-discovered this age-old information) is also included here.

4. THE CERVICO-UTERINE ORGASM is the typically Tantric orgasm, though quite rare. When the vaginal stimulation and contractions are strong and deep enough, they rise towards the cervix and the womb, transforming into a series of long, soft vibrations that spread throughout the entire body, mostly upwards towards the head. This also becomes sometimes a kind of “out-of-the-body” orgasm, which eventually leads to forms of ecstasy, since its energy may be felt also outside the physical body, as a fluidic sphere. This orgasm can be controlled almost by itself, and opens the sexual energy from SVADHISHTHANA CHAKRA towards higher CHAKRA-s. For women, the release of this form of orgasm sometimes requires a sexual lover who possesses the necessary anatomical qualifications in what concerns the size of his sexual organs. If these qualifications do not exist there are possibilities both for changing the shape of the male sexual organs and for tackling the most suitable sexual positions that allow a deep penetration. Also, since this form of orgasm is mainly subtle, women can learn to produce it at will (this being valid also for women who never felt it before), even without direct stimulation, by an adequate concentration. Here, perfect control over the vaginal muscles will play a paramount part. All these topics will be gradually approached in our next articles, since it is most recommended that Tantric practitioners eventually manage to reach this form of orgasm because it is a springboard for higher states of consciousness.

5. THE ANAL ORGASM proceeds from the fact that there are erogenous nerves in the area of the anus, which for some people are especially sensitive; however, it should be mentioned from the beginning that this information does not mean to provide “Tantric” license for male homosexuality. This form of orgasm follows from internally massaging the anus, for women to the sacrum, and for men to the prostate. In the case of women this can be achieved by anal sex only if she is relaxed and confident from the beginning. The energies released by the anal orgasm are quite gross (on MULADHARA CHAKRA, especially), and hard to control.

Generally, it is advised for beginners to avoid dealing with this form of orgasm (unless there already is a peculiar natural tendency towards it), since it is psychically connected with energies that have a very low frequency of vibration, and can therefore put them in touch with polluted psychical environments, or levels of consciousness. These psychical features are sometimes called “analism”, in psychology. Although the discussion of different forms of orgasm has been approached mostly from the women’s standpoint (for reasons that have already been mentioned), the same shades are also valid for men. It is at the same time true that this topic is much more acute and important for female practitioners of TANTRA.