Any woman wants more. Any man can more. Tantra teaches how they may get what they truly want and can. This is the bridge from ten seconds of pleasure to hours of ecstasy! Are you tempted?

Here are some of the advantages derived from the Tantric practice:

  • A great number of orgasms
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Insatiable desire to fuse with your beloved
  • Longevity of your sex life
  • Rejuvenation
  • Vital tonus
  • Disappearance of the states of somnolence and exhaustion after lovemaking
  • Psychic balance
  • Enhanced creativity and intelligence
  • More personal charm
  • The period, in the case of women is less painful and disturbing
  • The women get to finally experience orgasm – since it is a fact of common knowledge that most women need at least 30 minutes of erotic stimulation in order to experience orgasm, while the men often reach ejaculation in 10 minutes
  • The women’s breasts usually grow
  • But more important than any of these, we are given the opportunity to find ourselves as spiritual beings, endowed with a superior understanding of life and love


The evolution in Tantra implies the control of sexual energy. The amount of active sexual energy is directly proportional with the intensity of the erotic sensations. The control of the sexual energy refers to the absence of ejaculation at men, and the explosive orgasm at women.

Moreover, in the case of women, the sexual continence usually comes naturally and rarely requires a minimum of practice. The woman has to try not to have this type of orgasm, which generates strong vaginal contractions and the sexual energy is lose.

Another important aspect is to recourse to our common sense and good judgment in all our actions. Although there are rules – and quite valuable rules, we might add – we have to adjust them to what happens and to our feelings.

Play with the foreplay for at least twenty minutes, and then gently penetrate the woman, enjoying the subtle magic of lovemaking, and admiring your lover’s beauty. At the same time, pay attention to the sexual energy, which grows stronger and stronger. The erotic tension grows, and we feel we are getting close to the point in which this tension might explode.

Tantra Magazine

  • Stop
  • Stay still or do not maintain the contact between your intimate areas
  • Hold your breath, either after inhaling, or after exhaling
  • Firmly contract your anal and urinary sphincters
  • Firmly contract the PC muscle
  • Place your tongue as much as possible towards the back of the palate, visualizing the existence of the sexual energy in the lower part of the body and its ascendance along the spine, to the upper part of the body, preferably focusing it in the area between your eyebrows

REMEMBER: One gramme of practice means tons of theories.