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“Nobody will ever succeed to attain perfection through difficult or boring procedures; however, perfection may be easily reached, through the satisfaction of all your desires”. (KULARNAVA TANTRA)

Tantra and sexology, although quite different in their purpose and approach to sexuality, (one being spiritual and the other experimental) surprisingly come together in certain areas.

Sexology, the medical scientific study of human sexuality in its normal and abnormal physical, physiological and psychic manifestations is said to have a “horizontal” approach, quite different from the “vertical” outlook on lovemaking promoted by Tantric teachings.

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From the tantric point of view, sexuality is considered the “engine” which processes the alchemic transformations of the sexual substances into energy. Consequently, Tantra may be said to begin at the border of sexuality, taking it further.
Furthermore, sexology gives many descriptions of orgasmic experiences which resemble special states of consciousness described in Tantra.

There is a truth which cannot be denied by any of the feminist movements: ‘man is easily impressed by the beauty of the feminine body and appreciates this very much in a woman; women may love a man for his intelligence, or for the protection he might offer, but a man will always appreciate a woman’s intelligence when combined with beauty.”

The reactions of a man are clearly different from those of a woman; when a woman admires a man, and he manages to seduce her, his physical appearance is no longer so important. The love a man has for a woman, though, is inseparable from desire; the more beautiful the woman, the greater the desire.

Eroticism lights the spark of the senses, so that they will cause the fire of union, man is nurtured by the beauty of the woman’s body, and the woman is not mistaken when granting so much importance to this aspect.

Was not the woman’s body created, in its details, in order to cause the admiration and desire of the man?!
According to contemporary ideas and for reaching a profound sexual harmony, it is advisable that we try the following:

Tantra Magazine

  • suppress any sexual taboos
  • be aware of your genitalia
  • have aspiration towards spiritual eroticism
  • self-sensibility, both physical and psychic
  • strengthening of the genital muscles
  • the awareness of the fact that the woman is supposed to have a more active role during lovemaking.

    Specialists in sexology define orgasm as “a state of trance, accompanied by a temporary loss of contact with reality”. Tantra considers orgasm as a beneficialial state in which the consciousness expands, the habitual limitations of the human being disappear, the mind is reduced to silence and ecstasy is experienced.

    Complete abandonment, transcendence of time and space, the state created by the unification of the opposites – these and other things correlate orgasm with a metaphysical experience.

    Therefore, in Tantra, enlightenment is also named the “cosmic orgasm”.

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