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Briefly, the ‘Squeezing Method’ should be performed when the man feels like he is approaching the moment of ejaculation; he should then squeeze his penis hard and in this way he will avoid ejaculating.

This makes it possible to experience unlimited erotic pleasures and was used in Ancient times in China, Japan and India. The method was rediscovered and emphasized by American sex specialists William Masters and Virginia Johnson. They used it in the treatment of premature ejaculation. So, lets examine it further.

Squeezing makes intercourse last longer
If you try to learn more things about your penis you will be able to feel more intense, longer and fully controlled erotic sensations. Naturally, the penis, man’s main erogenous zone, is extremely sensitive to touching and caressing, yet it has many mysteries. Some places are more sensitive than others.

Delicate vibrations on the penis’ glands, pinching of the urinary orifice, touching the region between the anus and the penis, the gentle massage of the testicles, these all are secrets of the Eastern art of love.

In these, the Japanese discovered not only pleasure points, but also healing points which, through acupressure, reflexology and squeezing, certain emotional and physical tensions could be removed.
The “squeezing” technique is very valuable and because of its simplicity is accessible to every couple that wants to control their sexual energy. It is possible for one’s erection to diminish during this method, but it is not a problem, because it will come back to normal after you restart intercourse.

A Remedy for early ejaculation and at the same time a method for practicing sexual continence:
Squeezing is an exercise that must be realized gradually, first during manual and even oral caresses. Once control is obtained, the technique can be applied during intercourse. Thus the penetration should be gradual and slow at first. This method also requires a constant mental awareness of the sensations that precede ejaculation. It is useful for men who have unpredictable ejaculations and for those who want to improve their erotic performances.

Squeezing can be done in different ways. There are also many points on the penis that can be successfully stimulated. The ones situated on the penis’ garland are the most suited to being pressed. Some sex -specialists think that it is best for the entire penis’ glands to be pressed between the thumb and the index. This kind of squeezing was used in India in Ancient times. As a matter of fact firm pressure on the base of the penis, between anus and scrotum, is the most efficient way to stop ejaculation.

So, without further delay, here is the method for preventing seminal emission.

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The Three Fingers Method of seminal retention has been practiced in China for more than five thousand years. It is so easy and simple that anyone can learn it quickly and with considerable effectiveness.

Three Fingers Squeezing essentially involves this: When the man feels that he is getting close to the ejaculatory orgasm he has to press the mid-point between the anus and the scrotum with the three longest fingers of the right hand. This seals in the fluids and much of the energy.

1. Locate the point:apply pressure at the mid-point between anus and scrotum. This point, which lies at the very bottom of the torso, represents the physical projection of MULADHARA CHAKRA which is a “door” through which the vital energy enters and leaves the body.
2. Apply pressure: apply pressure, but not too hard or too soft. The proper amount of force will be found with experience. Generally speaking, the stronger the finger tips, the less pressure needs to be applied to halt the fluid.
3. Use three fingers: The passage through which the semen travels tends to slide away from one finger. Two fingers can’t hold the tube and block it at the same time. The man has to use the second and fourth fingers to press both sides of the urethra and anchor it in place. Then the middle finger presses directly on the urethra itself, which doesn’t slip away because it is pinned on both sides by the other two fingers. The fingers should be curved slightly. The middle finger should be a little more bent than the other two in order to provide a solid, even wall through which the fluid can’t pass.
4. Timing: As soon as you feel the inevitability of ejaculation, apply the “three fingers” squeezing method. If you wait too long, no force can stop the flow of seminal fluid. When you know that ejaculation is imminent, apply the fingers. The lock should be applied before, during and after contractions. Lock until you are certain that the pumping has completely ceased.

Of course you may ask: “What happens with the semen in this case? Could locking the ejaculation produce me any harm?”
Answer: The net result of locking in the semen is that most of it flows back to the reservoirs from which it came. There is no harm whatsoever done to the bodily organs, because the tissues in this region are highly elastic and accept the fluid which returns when you reverse the flow. It might seem that the seminal reservoir can’t hold the fluid beyond a maximum level. This would be true if the male reproductive system were a simple hose and tank; but it is not. When the seminal fluid reaches a high level, several things happen:
1. The production of sperm automatically declines. This saves the energy and materials needed to produce the nutritionally-rich sperm.

2. There is a natural tendency for the body to reabsorb the seminal fluid.

3. By using some simple physical exercises or by doing special meditations (all these methods will be presented in our site) the liquid sperm will be transmuted and the resulted energy will be sublimated into higher energy.

For example, after successfully locking the seminal flow, the man could practices some Hatha Yoga postures in order to sublimate the seminal power up to the higher vital centers (chakra-s), thereby reducing the pressure in the lower sperm ducts and the prostate gland.

The interrupted urination technique
Your body transforms any sexual inhibitions and repressions into involuntary contractions of the genitals. Starting from this idea, specialists went back and realized that because of de-tensioning and the control obtained over the inferior belly muscles and genitals, there is a certain enrichment in the sexual and mental life of the person.

The Taoists considered that the one who can control his urinary potential also gets control over his sexual potential. So, here it is a very simple and efficient method that will help you improve your ejaculation control.

This method consists of divided urination, meaning urinating in very short jets, with a couple of seconds pause in between. The pause should be long enough to stop the urination completely. In the beginning you may feel thrills, most of them up your spine. They are nothing else but a manifestation of the transmuted sexual energy.

A variation of this method is the so-called short urination retention. When we need to urinate we should relax the urinary sphincters and then contract them immediately, firmly, before the urine leaves the bladder. This method requires very good control and should be practiced at first only in the bathroom. There is no need to strain yourself because this technique should be realized gradually. It is very efficient and can turn the normal urination process into a part of our spiritual training, in order to obtain control and harmonize the sexual energy and to maintain a state of perfect health and vigor.