In these articles we invite you to have a closer contact with the spiritual charge of the yoga camps from Costinesti and Herculane, through the stories of some people who had the experience of these spiritual camps during the past years.

As you could already notice from the program of the camp (from Costinesti) posted on our website, the activities of the camp are varied, and they bring along teachings and spiritual experiences of an unexpressed beauty.

Therefore, we wish to share with you some of these spiritual experiences.

Tantra Magazine

“The state I am about to describe is from the yoga camp from Costinesti, while I was meditating on “God’s mysterious state of solitude”.

I perceived Him like follows during this meditation:
I am the wind that caresses your hair, and the sun that touches you gently. I am the sea that gently kisses your soles. I am both the sky and the earth, united through love. I am the flight of the birds through the blue sky, the play of the butterflies in the air, the smell of flowers and the amazing and mysterious touch of the shore and the sea.

I am all you see and feel, but above all I am Me and this retreat of Myself in Me, beyond My own creation is the most beautiful and mysterious expression of My infinite being.

Look around: how beautiful is the sea, the light, the greatness of the sky. Yet be aware of the fact that there is a manifestation of Mine, which is far more grandiose. In this manifestation pulses the True Life.

Go deep inside your being to discover the priceless jewel that bears in it the mysterious seed of My divine presence. Cast the dust that covers the magic reflections of this jewel. I miss terribly the Me that is now blossoming in you, I love terribly this troubling and wonderful rejoining of My essence in your soul.

By embracing you, in truth I embrace myself, in a quest for My unity in you. Melt in the depths of your soul; let yourself float in the void of light, in which you will find Me, again and again, in an ecstatic embrace with Myself, experiencing an ever new and oceanic bliss.

Here, in the depths of your heart, there is no longer any duality, no light and no darkness, no life and no death; passing through the separating illusion, learn to discover Myself within you, abandoning yourself to the contemplation of this re-assertion of happiness and freedom of Mine inside of you.” (Adrian Tudor Ros, 33, Bucharest)

“I was in the yoga camp, in Costinesti, in 1985, together with several yogis who had been practicing yoga with Grieg before the revolution. At a certain point, I spotted a dolphin, quite far from the shore.

I told everybody, and we were really happy about seeing a dolphin, like children, because many of us had never seen a real dolphin until that moment. Touched by our candour, Grieg asked us smiling if we wanted him to bring the dolphin closer to the shore.

Curious how he will do this, and in the same time intrigued by his mysterious smile, we answered all as one: Yes, we do!

Grieg turned to face the sea, and with an unbelievably firm gesture he called the dolphin to the shore. In a matter of minutes, we were all looking at how a small dolphin was lying on the beach, where the waves break on the shore.

None of us could breathe. It was unbelievable. The water of the sea was caressing the baby dolphin on his belly, and we thought that if he would stay like this for some more time, he might die.

With the same mysterious smile on his lips, Grieg asked us if we want to send the dolphin back into the water. Even if none of us knew how to do it, we said yes. Grieg turned to the sea and he seemed to “order” the water to come and pick the little dolphin. Right away a wave came and took the dolphin with it.” (Mihaela A., Bucharest)

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