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“I am at my first conference with the women, in the summer yoga camp from Costinesti, run by my spiritual master, Grieg. I am 38 years old and I am 2dn year in my yoga study. Grieg talks about the effects of the transmuting and sublimation of the menstrual energy.

He indicates the correct method, and recommends burning desire and restless perseverance in reaching this goal. Other women tell impressive and charming personal experiences.

The yoga camp is over. My spiritual practice follows its own natural way, oriented of course towards Hatha Yoga.

One year has already passed. I am at my second conference with the women, in Costinesti. The master asks us gently and patiently about our performances, but our answers do not easily fly away from our lips.

We have nothing spectacular to declare and I was feeling really good until I heard his voice somehow addressing only me, scolding me of laziness, indolence and superficiality. Asked about our performances, the silence became deeper than ever. I was so ashamed as never before.

I promised myself that I would sublimate my menstruation, and then I was relieved. The summer passed, then the autumn, then the new year.

At the thought that the summer is coming again and I did not keep my promise, my entire being shuddered. Until when? I said to myself. How long do I have to wait until I will do something serious about this.

Tantra Magazine
And so I started. If the master said half an hour of Shirshasana daily, I would do one and a half hours at least six months. I added this technique to my daily yoga program. It was a tough fight, as if it was about life and death.

With all the difficulties inherent to a transformation, I finally managed to overcome the menstruation. Joking, I liked to say that the menstruation was not overcome, but shattered from spring to autumn.

From that moment on, my way of perceiving the reality around me as well as my role in it changed dramatically, for the better. I understood the sweet and wise reason for having been scolded.

The transmutation and sublimation of my period brought me, beyond any other thing a deepening of the essential knowledge. I won something truly valuable: a significant part of my freedom of thought and action and above all a special effectiveness in all I do.

Thank you, Grieg for your teaching.” (Maria C)

“During one of the intercourses with my lover, when we felt really aspiring towards the Infinite and really and deeply in love with each other, after experiencing several states of orgasm, which appeared somehow naturally and which had a somewhat regular intensity, the next orgasmic experience that invaded me was completely extraordinary and overwhelmed me with the intensity of what I had been experiencing.

This state of orgasm materialized through a sudden burst of energy, which went up my spine, just as the powerful jet of water of a fountain. That overwhelming light and energy went all the way up to the crown of the head, pouring then in my entire being, in infinite waves that would come back again and again as in a huge inner sphere, returning to their point of origin, filling me completely.

Tantra Magazine

I felt as if I were an infinite sphere, made of billions and billions of cells, in which each movement of ascension, filling and return was repeating infinitely.

My entire being, made of this unbelievable number of cells, or rather spherical “unities”, I really do not know how else could I call them, seemed to explode each second.

When such a cycle of springing, ascension, pouring and spherical filling was completed, a new cycle would begin, and thus I felt that it became harder and harder to perceive my subtle body, as the perception of my physical body was inexistent anyhow at this point. The intensity of these luminous explosions was simply overwhelming.

I found it difficult to keep my consciousness as this experience lasted somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and it was truly unique and beyond words.

The most amazing thing about this experience was that I felt I was both microcosm and macrocosm at the same time, both consciousness (light) and energy, both belonging to this world and out of it.” (Iulia B, Bucharest)

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