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“I had the most amazing revelation and I would very much like to share it with you. I can say, unequivocally, that this is the most complex and amazing of all things I have ever experienced so far.

I think this is a very solid base from which I can move on. First, I would like to humbly thank God for the Spiritual Grace that was poured upon me during this experience.

The essential base for having lived what I am about to tell you is the art of blessing. All began after the yoga camp from Costinesti. Due to some difficulties I was experiencing at that moment. I was doing more blessings than usually, about 1-2 hours per day.

After the camp ended, I decided to continue with my blessings and for the following several days I did them for about two hours every day.

Then, after a while, I had a powerful urge to perform 6 hours of blessings every day. It was an acute need (now I understand it was a causal necessity) to perceive the divine grace through my being as well.

During the fourth day of this tapas , of 6-7 hours of blessings every day, a miracle happened.

That day I had done 4 hours of self-blessings, and one hour of blessings for other people. These four hours of blessings resulted in the appearance of a very elevated state of consciousness and a huge dilatation of the aura.

At night, at about 23.00, I had one more hour of blessings to do and this was the crucial moment, as I was tempted to abandon.

I passed the test, manifested as an accentuated lack of vitality, accompanied by a slight depression and I felt the need to bless my centers of force, each of them individually. I felt a sudden harmony making its way inside of me, accompanied by a fresh state of vitality.

The next blessings were so that I would become aware of Shiva s manifestations inside of me. This is the moment in which all began. During the following 3 hours, I experienced about 60 spiritual states, as they are at an archetypal level. This whole experience was catalyzed and made possible through Gods supreme grace.

First I used the following blessing formula: “Dear God, if I, this person asking you humbly deserve, please have mercy on me, pouring upon me your Supreme Grace, to experience the state of …(humility, for instance). Thy will be done. Amen.”

Tantra Magazine
When I would say humility I was thinking about the archetypal state of humility, existing latently inside of me when the divine grace began to pour upon me, I would feel its vibration distinctly in the beginning then this vibration was modulated and then the particular state that I evoked would appear more and more intense.

However, this did not occur in the absence of the divine grace, but it was poured concomitantly with that state, through Sahasrara , continuously and constantly.

The mechanism of this experience observes the laws of Svara yoga, namely that when the energy of the supreme grace would activate an archetypal point of my body, this would activate a “seed” that triggered the appearance of that particular state, by a series of energies at the level of the other layers of our subtle bodies, according to the characteristic of ones experience.

For instance if I would invoke a state of firmness, the tattva -ic energies I would activate corresponded to this state, and were perceived strongly on the various bodies.

Thus, I experienced at first archetypal states such as: humbleness, unbending faith in God, perfect mental focus, spiritual discernment, intelligence, perfect sexual continence , spiritual hero, wisdom, candour, humour, devotion, introspection, altruism, abandon to God, abnegation, courage, firmness, endless love for God, worship.

I need to note that my mind could not conceive the fact that I experienced all these states at such a level of intensity, clarity and precision. This experience was very troubling and I had tears in my eyes, which I could not stop.

I know this thing was possible because of the previous days of intensive practice. It was as if the master were right next to me, exemplifying each state in particular to me.

Practically, each state would last for about one minute, or even more, after which it would not simply disappear, it somewhat remained imprinted in my inner structure, active, enriching my soul and my perceptions.

Then I thought about asking the experience of some states of orgasm . In the beginning I experienced the state of orgasm on Swadhisthana charka. Then I moved on to Muladhara charka and all the other centres of force. Here the experiences became somewhat more and more distinct and refined.

Tantra Magazine

The states of orgasm on the superior centres of force were not extremely intense, they were more refined and spiritual and I have to confess that I had never experienced any of this in my entire life.

Then I was inspired to ask the experience of the feminine states of orgasm, including the cervical-uterine orgasm. These were incredible states. I perceived the cervical-uterine orgasm as being the most powerful, like highly passionate warmth inside the abdomen, not explosive, but slow and deep.

I also enjoyed the clitoridian orgasm and I could perceive the differences from the vaginal orgasm. I realized that a woman can have wonderful experiences during lovemaking.

However, all these states came from the causal level, they were not common states, but archetypal states anyone can experience, regardless of their sex. These states did not imply the sexual area in any way, yet after these experiences, I noticed an increase in my erotic energy level.

After this extraordinary experience, for which I thank the Lord, my soul was very much enriched. I also understood that everything is inside of me, and that it makes no sense to look in the exterior.

One can experience anytime any beneficial state that may come to mind throughout the divine grace. It is also a great help on the very difficult spiritual path. In fact, this is a great aspect of the Inner Master, the Supreme Self, Atman .” (Horia Pintea, Bucharest)

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