In the normal state of consciousness, we have a certain perception of the exterior, many times without even being aware that we perceive it.

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We could say that we do not actually “perceive”, but only “dream” about the act of perception, because the normal state we are in is similar to the unconsciousness of dreaming.

In the case of the conscious and transfiguring lovemaking with continence, the direct perception is the actual source of pleasure and voluptuousness.

The fundamental key to the alchemic art of sensual love is that when we are situated in the middle of perceptions, we have to fully understand them and to perfectly control them.

We must learn how to fully and consciously live the erotic pleasure, and how to feel the divine nature of this pleasure.
The true alchemy of love means merging with the universe, through fusion with your loved one.

It means to consciously let ourselves be surrounded by the bliss of love, to penetrate and let ourselves be penetrated by ecstasy. It is, in fact, the knowledge of plentitude.

Conscious breathing while making love favors a global and precise perception of the entire body, as well as an advanced control over the energetic flows.

This conscious association between breathing and feeling produces a “lucid substance” within the consciousness of the one who experiences it, and develops a new vision over existence in general and over the existence of love in particular.

Through a controlled and rhythmic breath we enable “the fire of passion” and at the same time we keep it under control. Holding the breath at the peaks of ecstasy, when the energy is much harder to control, induces a stopping of all related processes and spontaneously projects us in a state of blissful void in which, if we are conscious enough, we can experience unity with God.

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The emergence of a hiatus (a stop) at the maximum point of orgasm launches us in an a-temporal and a-spatial dimension where, by having direct access to the perception of Eternity, we can find out our true divine nature, our divine Self.

If we start from the original warmth and effervescence of the “sacred fire” (that takes place during conscious lovemaking), we can reach a non-dual, bright, innocent and pure form of knowledge.

This way we can experience a new perception, a non-perception to be more correct, a direct experience, a merging with the non-expressible, unlimited, unutterable, divine.

This new way to feel, beyond any quantitative and qualitative attribute, beyond any size or any location in space and time appears and develops within the non-expressible and unknown. We can just say that it Exists or is Born in every minute within ourselves and through ourselves.

The transpersonal love experiences, which have little in common with the ordinary notions about reality, allow us to talk about a new dimension of sexology, which is known as the transpersonal sexology.

This new sexology has been experienced in authentic tantrism and also in certain exceptional mystical revelations.

Without a proper, previous preparation, without an esoteric (mystical) understanding of the sexual act and without being specifically initiated, the man usually feels the need to ejaculate, a primal instinct that is generated by the need for the conservation of the species.

The man, as well as the woman, can stop the physiological process of this animalistic instinct, through a conscious, spiritual action, using images or ideas that allow him/her to resonate with the sublime energies of the universe.

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The greatest difficulty here is approaching and understanding the apparent contradiction between the spiritual drive to hold and extend the duration of sexual union and the animalistic impulse to discharge the sexual fluids, generating an enormous loss of energy. You may ask yourselves: “How can my body want and not want at the same time?”

Let’s take for example the man: there is the intense urge to ejaculate (instinct), and something opposes it in order to prolong the erotic art in itself (intention).

On one hand, the influence of desire to stop ejaculation can help the process of achieving more pleasure and spiritual experiences, and, on the other hand, the animalistic, instinctive impulse to ejaculate could determine a considerable seminal, physical and energetic loss. This can turn into quite the dilemma. So, how can it be solved?

Tantra and Taoism give an exceptional solution: SEXUAL CONTINENCE. This way, through sexual continence (seminal retention), through a conscious alchemic process, the instinct – the desire to ejaculate – disappears and is replaced by the desire or aspiration to keep the continuity of the merging and reach a profound state of unification.

In this case, a transformation of matter into energy, of primal into subtle, of inferior urges into sublime desires and aspirations takes place. This process is called the SUBLIMATION of the sexual energy.

Ejaculation, directly correlated with procreation, with the creative and divine energy, is experienced by the tantric adepts only when they intend to give birth to a child.

By holding back ejaculation, an opposite, extremely subtle phenomenon takes place – the re-direction of the energies into your inner world instead of losing them to the exterior.

This effervescent accumulation of energies as a result of an erotic fusion brings those ecstatic and sublime states. The tantric teachings talk about this state which is in fact a transpersonal sexology.