You have to seduce your partner using your hands! Caress each part of his/her body which you usually “ignore”. Men should be especially receptive to this note, and consequently should avoid the shortcuts towards the target of the pleasure. So, squeeze, caress, lick and touch each centimeter of his/her body. If you are more the “marine” type, you may even choose the bathroom for this part.

This wet erotic trick consists in pouring some drops of your favorite essential oils into the tub, and filling it with milk-warm water. Light candles and put them all around the tub, creating thus a dream-like atmosphere, enticing to lovemaking.
Delight your partner with a torrent of water flowing on his/her shoulders, chest, back, neck, and any other parts that you find interesting!

A special note is to be made here:
The traditional tantric techniques recommend these “maneuvers” so that you may engage in a true erotic marathon, which may last for hours. Consequently, you need to be prepared for it and resist all the way!

We suggest at least half an hour of such “maneuvering” so that your senses become highly acute and alert. If you find yourself yearning for more, have no fear, do not restrain your appetite!

Tantra does not live up to the saying “what is too much is damaging!” quite the opposite! So go ahead and be creative!

You may want to try some essential massage oils, so pour some on your hands, and then let them slide on your lover’s body, yet make sure you do not directly touch any of the “hot” area just now. Make it more of a promise..

You may even grasp his ears now, massaging them all the way, from the lobe, up to the upper part. And if you get ideas, like using your tongue instead of the fingers, don’t be shy!

Once you feel that both of you are burning with passion, you may move on to the next stage.

The Tantric approach to sexuality implies, as you have already seen, making you reaching the “boiling” point, but not going further. That is, get the tension high, then lower it a bit; make your lover reach an almost unbearable stare of arousal, and then let him/her calm down a little. The purpose of this delaying is to get used to ever-higher levels of arousal, support them and desire more!

And remember that practice is essential!

Consequently, the more you practice, the more you will be able to enjoy the magnificent sensations of this erotic “montagne russe”.
If you feel you are close to losing control, stop any movements, relax, and take deep breaths, so that you may be able to go on after a while.

The two lovers may explore “manually” their bodies.

The woman takes some lubricant oil, and touches the man’s penis so that her fingers delicately and excitingly touch the scrotum. Then she pours the lubricant on the back of her hand, and massages his testicles with both hands. If you want to cool him down a little bit, ask him to return the favor, meaning he should pour some oil on your intimate parts and slowly massage them.

The rest at this “section” is up to your creativity and imagination.

The woman delicately squeezes the base of his penis with one hand, keeping it away from the rest of his body. The big finger and the index of her other hand form a circle around the head of his penis.

Rotate your fingers clockwise, while the big finger slides and naturally goes away from the head of the penis. Repeat this movement as many times as he can handle it without getting crazy!

Yet, if you want to occupy his hands with something, so that he relaxes a bit, you may suggest that he does the same thing to you: spread your legs wide apart, while your lover turns into an explorer in search of the G-spot, slowly introducing his fingers inside you. And while his index and middle fingers voluptuously come and go inside, his other hand presses on your clitoris. It is difficult to imagine how one could stand this erotic feeling for a very long time, but you will see it is possible!

Now your passion has reached a level that you hardly can and wish to cool down, so you may engage in the “act” itself. The arousal you both experienced so far, and which you still feel present in every cell of your being, has prepared you for the most intense, breath-taking and memorable orgasms you have ever experienced! Because at this “temperature”, it would be nave to imagine that you would have just one orgasm each!

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