It is important to keep eye contact all this time, especially now when you have reached a peak in your arousal, and you feel you do not want to delay any longer the moment in which you will be one with your lover!

So, eye contact will help the desire for one another take over and guide you!

When you feel you are both ready, prepare to experience a sequence of sexual positions prepared especially for you, in this Tantric night you will always remember!

The man sits with his feet crossed, and ready to receive the woman in his arms. She sits on his lap, placing her feet on the lateral sides of his pelvis. The woman uses the muscles of her feet in order to lower her pelvis and take in her lover’s penis.
Maintain the contact of your bodies, and the eye contact, remembering at the same time to pay attention to the rhythm of your lover’s breathing pattern.

This position also allows you and your partner to exchange all kinds of loving caresses, looks and kisses.

Then, the woman lies on her back, with a pillow underneath her pelvis. The man lifts her feet until her knees almost touch her breasts, and her soles are placed on his chest. The man penetrates the woman, holding her by her hips, and he enjoys the pleasure of total control on the depth and intensity of the penetrations, while the woman enjoys the most exciting stimulation of her G-spot.

Next, the woman turns around, allowing her lover to penetrate her from behind, either being on her knees, or standing.

He may caress her clitoris, and her breasts, or her buttocks, enhancing her pleasure with all kinds of caresses.

And the woman may rotate her pelvis in a very exciting manner. Important is, nonetheless, to stop if the man feel he is getting close to the point of non return, and engage again when he feels capable to control the sexual energy.

The final position is an extremely famous one, which needs no further presentation:

the 69!
This position allows both lovers to harmoniously bring to an end the erotic act, as it also enhances the feeling of intimacy between them, and allows them to savor the sexual essences of one another, so abundant after such an exciting night!

This mutual absorption of the partner’s sexual essences is in fact a powerful instrument in deepening the feelings of love and intimacy for one another.

So, lovers do not waste you time and share your experiences with us!