If one night, your lover came to you and told you

“my love, tonight we will forget all about work, family, kids, friends, and we will remember all about us! I will take you to heaven! I’ll adore your body, I will massage every little dear part of it, and then only we will make love. Tonight we will experience a highly spiritual orgasm , an “unearthly” one, so intense that you will reach the peak of ecstasy!”

you would probably be extremely happy if you read the previous articles on our site, or if you already know some Tantric techniques.

However, if you know nothing about such things, you would most certainly ask yourself whether this is a dream or if your lover has temporarily lost his contact with the direct, concrete reality you both used to share!

But never mind the reactions you might have!
Important is to try to understand that tantric sex really has little to do with the “physical reality” we usually experience!
As you may or may not know yet, Tantra is the ancient art of prolonging the pleasure of lovemaking up to reaching a superior level of consciousness. In other words, you delay the common, explosive way of experiencing sexual orgasm, and fully live and enjoy each sensation, each thrill that crosses your bodies.

The idea is that, if you maintain a high level of sexual excitation, without hurrying to the end, involving in the experience all your senses, slowly and patiently, yet at an ever-growing intensity, your attention is focused on the whole path of your voluptuous “journey”.

This focus brings harmony between your erotic rhythms and those of your partner’s, and by stimulating each other’s senses to the maximum, you will emerge into an extraordinary erotic and psychic fusion with your partner, and an ecstatic physical experience of orgasm.

So, invite your partner into the most amazing trip on the magic land of erotica!

First and very important is to create a special setting/scenery in which you may discover the secrets of love and eroticism.
So, turn off the TV and the telephone, close the cat, get rid of distracting magazines, books, etc. Create a calm, comforting atmosphere, in which you and your partner may easily forget about daily worries and responsibilities.

Make sure your bedroom is heated and the doors are locked. Light some candles, and incense or aromatic sticks, for instance jasmine, sandalwood or mosque, which are “classics” in the erotic field.

Arrange things so that, when you enter this temple of love, you will be prepared to begin the most ecstatic and breathtaking act of love in your entire life!

Before starting anything, sit together, face to face, legs crossed, looking each other in the eyes for couple of minutes. Try to overcome the eventual feelings of embarrassment or the giggles, and tune into that sacred and “serious” part of each other.

Remember that the moment of the orgasm is the moment in which you may be said to be the most serious of all times, since then you do not care about anything else except for the wonderful feeling of deep communion and shared happiness.

Try to get to this state of “seriousness” even before the orgasm, and you will see that the orgasm to come will be a lot more intense then ever.

The next step is to embrace your partner, or cuddle in his/her loving arms, choosing a position comfortable for both of you. It may be the so-called spoon-position, or you may simply lie facing each other.

No matter the chosen position, synchronize your breath with your partner’s, so that you finally breathe in and out in the same rhythm. Once you succeed in this synchronization, focus your entire attention on your partner and on the things you will do together.

Come with us again to find out how this ecstatic erotic night gets to the end!
It is worth it!