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The woman of the third millennium is increasingly involved in “manly” affairs, such as politics, religion, etc.

She has great decisions to make, important responsibilities, she has to be an impartial boss, expert in areas such infantile psychology, or international gastronomy. However, despite her self-confidence in so many domains, when it comes about lovemaking, you feel them hesitating.

The “iron-lady” has suddenly become vulnerable, insecure and withdrawn. Feminine sexuality (and it would not be untrue to simply say sexuality) is partly unknown land for Europeans, in the sense that the Occident is just now discovering what the East has sustained and practiced for millenniums.

In the following, we will examine some aspects that will prove helpful, we hope for both women and men.
The first point we wish to emphasize is the fact that orgasm is a combination of many variable parameters, including love, trust, tenderness, courage, and most of all perhaps, open communication with your partner.

It can be difficult to have a tremendous erotic experience during the first night of lovemaking, especially with a new partner, so do not blame yourself, or your partner if it does not turn out to be the bed-rocking experience of your life. Simply give time to you and your partner, and you will see that making love with sexual continence , love and in a sacred atmosphere will propel your erotic life on peaks whose existence you most probably never suspected.

It is, maybe, just as dangerous to consider that orgasm has to be the only acceptable way of concluding a sexual act. There are moments when the need for tenderness is greater. However, as it has been proven, during a profound orgasm, achieved through sexual continence, the body secretes so called the “happiness” hormones, which are responsible for the increased energy and euphoria following it.

The treasure map – find out how to make her have the orgasm of her life…until the next one you will produce!

After the partners have finally understood that we, the human beings are a species meant for happiness, they engaged in the search for the “tools” to reach it. The starting point in their research is, naturally, the body! Mother Nature endowed women, with two important places, which may help men in their pursuit of happiness.

These are the G-spot and the less famous, yet not less sensitive U-spot. It is the spot placed between the clit and the opening of the urethra; it is important to note that there are certain specialists who say that this spot has top erotic valences. However, the clit is the gift Mother Nature has granted women, as it is the only organ meant just for pleasure. It is important that a man knows the secret “resort” which will open the door for memorable pleasures, and the ways to activate it.

More that a century ago, Freud used to say that the only “mature” organ is the vagina. His theories were revolutionary for those times, but he must have had a rough time practicing…and you know what they say…one gram of practice is worth tones of theories. Later, some specialists in the field thought they could re-invent pleasure, loudly proclaiming the superiority of the clitoridian orgasm. Yet, all these specialists have one major shortcoming: they are men!

And being such, men would better do some “field-research” and see for themselves how things really go, instead of wasting their time issuing theories that sooner or later will be forgotten or replaced.

Regardless of the way a woman reaches orgasm (clitoridian, vaginal, etc.), all types of orgasm generate the same physiological reactions: a huge discharge of cerebral neurotransmitters, responsible for the feelings of intense pleasure.