For centuries, masturbation was correlated to the lowest of the lowest – from epilepsy crisis to asthmatic ones, and the “guardians of morality” have severely sanctioned self-pleasuring as an immoral, sick act. Even today, we are not totally at ease with it, and the orgasms we have by ourselves have a strong flavor of smuggling.

However, statistics show that over 80% of the women masturbate. At the same time, it is a fact of common knowledge that men enjoy masturbation to a great degree (it had better be a healthy one also, because too much – in this respect – is not good).

The good news is that man or woman, you may use the discoveries you make during this experience in order to improve your sexual life. That is, getting to know yourself better, getting to know what you like the most, discovering your most sensitive parts is an important basis on which you may build an exceptional erotic experience.

Nevertheless, masturbation needs not become more that this. Guide your lover and teach him/her what you like most. He/she will surely appreciate this, and the trust and intimacy between you two will grow.

In the Occident, the simultaneous orgasm has become quite popular, despite the fact that it is known in the Eastern erotica for millenniums…

However, ideal and desirable as it is, the simultaneous orgasm is quite a performance, because our individual needs and rhythms are so different. It is nonetheless possible for you to achieve this. The two partners have to really love and know each other very well though.

Some hints: delay the penetration until you both reach the highest degree of sexual arousal. Choose a position from both of you will benefit, and get carried away…the chances are bigger thus…but if nothing breathtaking happens, have patience – tomorrow is another day!

The multi-orgasmic man – the multi-orgasmic woman
Sex-specialists say that any woman may have multiple orgasms. And it is true! However, you have to recourse to certain tricks: usually, the first orgasm is usually obtained through oral stimulation.

Vary the pace, the rhythm and the style of the stimulation. Combine the manual stimulation with other kinds. Change the positions. The pluriorgasmatic women and men have a certain psychic profile: they do not have any sexual inhibitions, tenderly cuddle their erotic fantasies instead of repressing them, are open and enjoy masturbation, manual and oral stimulation offered by the partner.

The term ORGASM originates in the Greek ORGAO and means “to be filled with delight and passion”. Consequently, to the present day, the term orgasm defines the climax moment of intense and profound erotic ecstasy.

By “erotic satisfaction” and “orgasm”, we usually understand a series of physiological phenomena, which imply the expulsion of certain fluids, and substantial components (sperm and the liquids of a woman) associated with an intense state of happiness.

Nonetheless, the wise of the East have noticed (as many other people undoubtedly have noticed also) that after such an experience, all the euphoria, all the effervescence which enlivened us in the beginning of the erotic act are now gone, replaced by sleep and exhaustion. Another essential observation is that we may experience orgasm, and the states associated to it in the ABSENCE of this discharge of essential liquids – which is necessary only for purposes of procreation.

When this physiological discharge no longer occurs, when it is under the control of one’s own will, the substances usually eliminated are transformed and sublimated in other forms of energy, allowing thus the experience of unimaginable states of bliss.

Consequently, when we choose not to waste these precious substances, owing to the energetic alchemy that occurs naturally during such an erotic act, we may easily reach the “multi-orgasmic level”, and experience amazing phenomena and processes, compared to what we had experienced so far.

The one thing that any of us has to do now is…practice!

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