First rule: During the various Tantric techniques sexual energy is awakened and amplified to a great extent . It is important to preserve this energy in our aura, so that it can be used in superior ways instead of wasting it.

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It is known in TANTRA that pleasure, however intense, must be fully controlled, and therefore ejaculation (or explosive orgasms) must be avoided.Unfortunately, mostly in the West, there are beginners who still have a lot of trouble comprehending and controlling these new ways of experiencing sexuality and thus involuntary ejaculations still occur. For all these reasons, it is said that at least one hour after every Tantric technique all sexual manifestations (masturbation included) are prohibited; the aim of this rule is to avoid the risk of loosing the energy and instead allow it to be used integrally for much higher purposes.


The TANTRIKA-s (Tantric adepts) are especially careful when it comes to taking care of their hands, because they are the main “instruments” for touching, and caressing. Many Tantric techniques involve specific use of the hands, fingers or nails. Some texts advise cutting the nails of the thumb and index (especially of the right hand), so that they are short and have a round tip (for avoiding any scratching or wounding), while the other fingers should have rather longer nails, but very clean and manicured. It is said that long nails conduct the ethereal energy of the hands better, thus enhancing intensity of touch, stroke and massage. Many TANTRIKA-s can be recognized from the special way in which their nails are manicured.



All Tantric texts mention that care and cleanliness of the genital organs and surrounding area is very important both for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Furthermore, the cleanliness of the sexual organs is said to enhance their sensitivity, a thing that will be noted with the practice and perception of these techniques. For women, it is often recommended that pubic hair be periodically shaved or waxed off so that sensitivity is enhanced and sensuous feelings as well as excitability are amplified.

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In traditional TANTRA it is said that “TANTRA loathes the darkness”, therefore all Tantric techniques should be performed with some form of light and never in darkness. Tantric techniques are structured to stimulate all the senses, including vision. Furthermore, darkness allows the manifestation of certain uncontrollable psychic energies, which should be avoided by spiritual practitioners. Amongst these recommendations, TANTRA prefers natural light (candle-light, for instance), and sometimes recommends using coloured lights; red light is said to stimulate male sexuality (and the root- CHAKRA), while violet light is highly recommended for enhancing female sexuality (opening the throat-CHAKRA), therefore they should be used according to the circumstances.


TANTRA emphasizes the importance of a natural diet, without toxic products, without foods that are usually forbidden to the high classes of Indian society or to spiritual practitioners (meat, alcohol, fish, tobacco, coffee, drugs, etc.). TANTRA states that all the senses must be stimulated to the highest extent possible while maintaining a perfect mastery over them.


TANTRA forbids those deeds in which the elementary rights of another human being are denied. Tantric Masters will never try to persistently persuade outsiders to perform special Tantric techniques because true understanding must come from the inside. Embarking on the Tantric path must be done with full participation of your entire being and with a total offering of the self.


In most languages, and especially in the Germanic ones, the word “amour” – love is very hard to define. TANTRA deems love as a gradual expansion, starting from the finite through which the individual reaches the infinite (this definition should be meditated upon if you wish to clarify its meaning). Love also means the total empathic identification with the innermost being of the other as it is integrated in the harmony of the macrocosmic Infinite.

Tantra Magazine

TANTRA is pre-eminently the science of polarity. Man and woman are the personification of two fundamental cosmic poles: SHIVA – Male consciousness, and SHAKTI – Female manifestation. Therefore it is particularly important to discuss a few elements concerning the polarity of energy.

Any energy found in manifestation (and therefore any thing, being, phenomenon, state etc.) is composed of two distinct poles: the solar one (male, active, emissive, +, YANG), and the lunar one (female, passive, receptive, -, YIN). The state of harmony which is the aim of any method of spiritual development – TANTRA YOGA included – is to reach a perfect balance between these two poles. The traditional teachings state that an imbalance of these two energies (solar (+), and lunar (-), in any sense, creates disharmony that entails disturbance, disease, pain, limitation, and unhappiness. Their balance, on the other hand, creates a condition of perfect harmony, which is a springboard for higher spiritual accomplishments. Here are some practical examples concerning the predominance of the two polarities in the manifested world:

  • The left side of the body, generally, is of lunar (-, YIN) polarity, while the right side of the body is generally of solar (+, YANG) polarity.
    Women are generally predominantly charged with lunar (-, YIN) energy, while men are (or should be) prevalently charged with solar (+, YANG) energy.
  • Some foods are charged predominantly with YIN (-, lunar) energy, while others are charged with YANG (+, solar). This shows one of several ways in which the YIN/YANG energies of the being can be balanced (a way which is particularly accessible for Westerners). Therefore, a complete table listing these foods will be given in oncoming articles.
  • Various other conditions of the environment (such as: cold/warmth, light/darkness, colours, etc.), as well as the ones relating to personal behaviour may involve a YIN (-, lunar), or YANG (+, solar) predominance; the most important of these will be mentioned, or you can find a detailed list in the complete YIN/YANG tables .

    The problem of polarizing energy is complicated by the fact that there is a kind of related polarity, between telluric (Earth) energy, and cosmic energy and this polarity is somehow different from the left/right, +/- polarity mentioned above. However, it is symbolically stated that telluric energy is also predominantly feminine, -, while cosmic energy is predominantly male, +, even though these two forms of energy may each have a bit of a charge in their opposite polarity as well.

    In TANTRA there is a lot of data concerning the polarity of the energy between a man and a woman during sexual union, in relation to various “bodies”, or ranges of frequency found inside one’s being. Because we have not yet undertaken a methodical study of this topic (of the various bodies to be exact) this information will only be mentioned briefly. Thus, at the level of the physical body (called in YOGA: ANNAMAYAKOSHA) the man is predominantly +, and the woman predominantly -. At the level of the ethereal body (PRANAMAYAKOSHA), the woman is +, and the man -. On the astral plane (MANOMAYAKOSHA), the man is again +, and the woman -, while at the level of the mental body (VIJNANAMAYAKOSHA) the woman is solar, and the man is lunar. To gain a better understanding of these statements, relating to the various meanings of solar and lunar energy, you should meditate upon them.