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The profound meaning of the sexual YOGA cannot be understood unless we understand the basic principles of TANTRA and TAOISM .

The TAOIST doctrine is based upon the idea of being in harmony with TAO (the Supreme Principle). It is “man-in-profound-and-conscious-relationship-with-his-environment”. This vision opens the senses and thus reveals the contemplative side of the sexual experience.

This is called dhyana in TANTRA. Both TANTRIC YOGA and TAOIST YOGA stress the importance of controlling the breathing, because the rhythm of breathing determines the expansion of perception. The crucial importance of breathing is one of the important keys for understanding this approach.

The perfect control of breathing ( Pranayama ) is attained when its rhythm is spontaneously stopped without resulting in the disappearance of life. This is done by letting the breath flow in and out freely, without any interference, but with a keen and continuous awareness of the process.

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The breath starts to slow down to such a degree that the movements of inhalation and exhalation are almost imperceptible: the breathing seems to be immobilised.

The way we breathe defines the way we experience and lead our lives. This imperceptible, immobile breathing defines a non-capturing attitude towards life (WU-WEI), a detached non-action in the sense this term is defined in Bhagavat Gita: action with no ego-involvement.

The immobilisation of breathing leads to the disappearance of the mind-patterns (VRTTI-S), which leads to the immobilisation of the orgasm. Yet the meaningful idea both for breathing and for orgasm is not “immobilisation”, but “not being aware of” (in the sense of being totally effortless).

Just as the contemplation of breathing slows it down almost to immobility, the contemplation of lovemaking slows it down up to suspending it into an endless orgasm.

The slowing down of the body processes has no value in itself: they are just the outer sign of the disappearance of “ego”; the ego forces and pushes the pleasure instead of letting it take its natural course.

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The orgasm is spontaneous when it happens by itself, in its time, and when the movements of one’s body are dictated by a need to “respond” rather than to “demand.” The active sexual intercourse is just an imperfect imitation of what should happen by itself in an attitude of non-interference.

From the point of view of contemplation, the sexual love is a revelation. Long before orgasm, the sexual upsurge manifests as a psychic exchange of warm love that radiates between the lovers.

This warmth is so powerful that they feel as if they would ecstatically melt into each other. Thus, the sexual appetite transforms itself into the most tender and respectful love that can be imagined.