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Before starting to learn and practice any mystical sexual ritual, it is necessary to know some of the
general aspects about mystical experiences during lovemaking.

To attain mystical experiences during lovemaking, mystical literature recommends that the lovers fix, hold,
stop, interrupt, contain, or stabilize their thoughts. Thus entering into lovemaking with an empty mind,
a void mind, no mind, original mind, even mindlessness.

But be careful! Don’t misinterpret the instruction “interrupt your thoughts”.
It has often, very wrongly, been taken literally to mean that mystics shun all mental activity and
favor instead a blank, unaware, unconscious, numb, nonfunctioning state of mind, one which
closes out the world and locks away life.

What is really being recommended is to stop a particular type of thinking: the verbal,
judgmental, conceptual, theoretical, labeling, evaluative, representational, running-internal-commentary-to-oneself type of thinking. This thinking is one in which every experience,
perception, or sensation is sub-vocally stated in words, given a positive or negative
philosophical value, explained to oneself according to some theory, affixed with a name, and linked with other conceptions by an abstract system of verbal rules of language called logic.

This mode of thought is associated with the left hemisphere of the human brain and generally takes
the form of a sub-vocal monologue or dialogue. It is only this sort of thinking that mysticism rejects.

Tantra Magazine At the same time as stopping verbal thinking during mystical lovemaking, try to remain completely aware of what is
going on. Mysticism fully recommends to experience directly and creatively while participating actively
during lovemaking. To be completely awake, aware, involved and absorbed – but without
describing every part of the experience to oneself in words as it’s going on.

In mystical intercourse, lovers are more mentally aware, able to concentrate and be involved, by virtue
of the fact that they are not thinking, because the direct perception of whatever is happening is no longer
filtered by what we usually call the rational mind.

Mystical intercourse favors the creative, perceptive, intuitive feelings of direct experience. Without describing every sensation to oneself, without thinking, “Oh, that is good!” one just feels
the physical sensations that occur.

In conclusion, during mystical lovemaking men and women are open to sensations, perceiving them without
Evaluating them.

Can you do this as well? You can, if you follow our example!