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In order to reach a perfect harmony in a couple that practices sexual continence , it is very important for us to deeply and detachedly meditate on our erotic past, becoming aware by comparing it to the wonderful present of all the great advantages that we notice.

This critical examination will help us remove the foolish preconceived ideas from erotic past and become more and more conscious of our amorous behavior.

Thus, we will be able to control our inner mechanisms of psychomental projection and idealization, which will lead our couple to a veritable, empathycal communion on all levels.

This will also help us understand our masculine and feminine aspects. The first effects of this profound, spiritual action are: a permanent and full opening to Tolerance, Transfiguring of the beloved one, Communion with the beneficialial subtle energies from Macrocosm , the Revelation of the Sacred dimension of Love, the Sublime and Unconditioned Love, which will generate a state of overwhelming happiness.

Most of us are prisoners within ourselves and that is why the other one’s world seems to us strange and mysterious. Usually, every human being has a completely subjective and individual vision about reality.

That is why yogis assert that both, BEAUTY AND UGLINESS ARE IN THE LOOKERS EYES. We often live injailed in a prison made up of our past experiences, of our education, the patterns created by our family atmosphere, by the seal of the soul of our people, of the history of the country we live in, of the color of our skin, of the social status and especially of the sex we are.

Thus, every time that we look at one person or at one event, all these (most of the times unsuspected) conditionings are simultaneously present and prevent us (because of these filters) from clearly and objectively seeing the reality of that event or of that being.

Owing to this flashing process we are usually confined in illusion! Consequently, we all live shut in our own thinner or thicker shell, until we reach the state of liberating wisdom.

The wall of illusion we are confined in, influences most of the time the OBJECTIVE REALITY. Thus, in order to be able to feel the others, which will allow us to instantaneously penetrate into the other one’s shell and feel (thanks to this ineffable CONSONANCE) his/her own inner prevailing world and his/her astral conditioning generated by his/her sign of the zodiac and ascendant.

This ineffable EMPHATY (which can become extremely deep and complex) will facilitate our communication with the others, and will provide us the right words with which we can have a positive influence upon them without causing any hurt.

Only then we will indeed be able to feel how much and how we are loved and to offer them love, through an empathical fusion with them, that is generated when we agree to open our inner world toward the fascinating world of the person that we love.

In order to open ourselves to love as much as possible, each of us most quickly and completely get rid of all these confining chains. This is the only way in which we can know and enrich ourselves through an amorous fusion.

Consequently, it is very important that we should learn and look at the others, especially at the ones we love, without preconceived ideas, without any clich, and especially without tyrannically asking them to be similar to the PHANTASMAGORIC image we have about them.

Tantra Magazine

Living in a couple for a longer period of time will soon reveal our different points of view. At the beginning of a love relationship each of the two idealizes and transfigures as much as possible the other one, creating most of the times (through PHANTASMAGORIC psychomental projection) a kind of illusionary double of the other one that is not at all similar with the original.

Instead of a fully empathical change, of a profound communication on all their levels, the attraction feeling (of one or both of them) is usually based on the so-called love at first sight, on the violence of passion that subdues and blinds us.

Lacking almost at all an intuitive and empathic knowledge of the being in front of us, we phantasmagoricaly project on her/him all our erotic aspirations and all our wishes.

Thus, thanks to this mostly phantasmagoric transfiguring, we see her/him the most beautiful, the most feminine/masculine, the most sensual/virile, intelligent, and tender, in a word, the most extraordinary!

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