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In case you are a woman think intensely:
I totally accept the integration of my masculine qualities in my own being;

I totally accept the awakening, integration and amplification in my conscience of my masculine qualities; I express freely and harmoniously my ability to act, my intellect, my superior reasoning, courage, skillfulness;

I totally accept and I am open to all these as part of me and as representing my YANG (+) aspect, my masculine energy, without which I lack a complementary, polarly opposed part of my being and of my conscience. Now I can express my masculinity fully, freely and divinely.
In the mean time, I am fully aware that I preserve my YIN (-) energy, my inner Moon, powerful and unspoiled, in order to perfectly balance inside me the two complementary aspects that make up my veritable being, neither feminine, nor masculine but a pure, transcendent being that completely and harmoniously unites within itself the basic qualities of these two forces, in order to give birth to the DIVINE ANDROGYNOUS.

If we overwhelm our lover with the complementary energy that emanates from our being, our lover will be able to overwhelm us with the energy that we lack.

Tantra Magazine
A perfectly continent amorous couple that sublimates the sexual energies is characterized by a perfect harmony, and each of the two lovers awakens the complementary potentialities of the other one, so that this eventually generates a huge happiness.

Then, the woman who is in love offers her excessive YIN energy to the man and thus, she gradually initiates him in listening to his intuition, in developing his affection, his creativity, his selective receptivity to the others and to all that is pure and wonderful in nature.

On his turn, the man in love will offer his excessive YANG qualities awaken inside her; she will become more dynamic, she will have more power to act, to accomplish her wonderful ideals and dreams.

The man and the woman who are sexually continent are much happier when they reach the supreme harmony while making love and consequently each of them recreate inside her/him the PRIMARY ANDROGYNOUS, the Polar Complementarity, the force and harmonious giving Union of the essential energies, of the two fundamental polar aspects that manifests everything in the Universe.

We completely transform our way to be, to love, to make love and to live when we overcome once and forever our bad or perverse patterns that close us inside ourselves, and the conditionings from childhood, firmly refusing to accept any preconceived ideas that we couldnt reject then.

This sublime, heavenly life that we have often dreamt, idealized, may become a wonderful reality for each of us!

For this it is enough to perfectly master the sexual continence in a couple, to develop our patience, will, self-confidence.

Tantra Magazine

Living the endless love in a transfiguring , divine, and universal way, thanks to the perfect sexual continence, we will be more and more harmoniously integrated in our physical bodies and we will unite ourselves with the ideal lover on all levels.

By innerly accepting the sublimation, the transformation and control of our feelings and states, by accepting to freely do everything that does not break the harmony of the divine laws, in order to become more loving, tolerant and patient, we bring a great contribution (even if we dont realize it), to the creation of a new divine world, grounded on peace, happiness, unconditioned love, joy, harmony, respect.

Then, each of us should think:

My perfect couple and my endless love are now a tiny part of the Endless and Universal Love of God so that me and my lover ecstatically live all these because each of us has aspired with our own being to make this couple bright as possible!

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