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Nowadays, the theory of the primary bisexuality has been rediscovered and established with the help of the modern science. Many writings discuss the problems caused by a prevailing identification with the feminine or the masculine aspect.

The 21st century amazingly rediscovers the paternity, the masculine delicacy and affection, the androgyny, the love marriage, the harmonious unofficial couple relation, the sexual freedom.

The man discovers his own YIN (-) energy and, in the mean time his delicacy, his need for love, for tenderness; his aspiration to be again like an innocent child.

The woman discovers her YANG (+) energy, her tendency to action, her creativity, expression, expansion, initiative, her wish to know and to learn, her spirit of adventure, to fully and freely live outside her home, her need for power, her denied violence and independence.

Some women have awakened and developed an excessive YANG (+), repressing their YIN (-), their femininity. Others take virility for freedom.

If you are a woman it is very important that you should harmoniously awaken and set free your YANG (+) aspect. This active and complementary energy of our being helps us to easily take firm decisions, to achieve social success; but as a woman, you dont need to repress your complementary feminine energy.

The YIN (-) aspect is related to the intuition and creativity and also to any aspect, phenomenon coming from the depths of our psychic, of our subconscious, from our meditations and reveries.

The ignorant woman who separates almost completely from her YIN (-) aspect is so unbalanced as the man that is almost completely separated from his YANG (+) aspect and who foolishly secludes himself in a state of passivity, indecision, and an almost pathological hesitation.

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The man and the woman willing to deeply live their opposite, complementary energies and thus, both of them will meet the right person of her/his opposite sex with whom they will have a creative, harmonious, happy couple relation.

For this we need (among other things) to get rid of our fears so that we dont make our lover be suspicious or reserved. Thus, we need to be self-confident, to love very much, to trust the one we love.

Usually, when we meet a wonderful person with whom we fall in love and with whom we want to be happy, it is more important to communicate with her psychically, mentally, emphatically, appealing more to her/his profound divine self ( ATMAN ) then to her/his sexual aspect.

In this way we wont have to face the problems we have had with our father and all the men that deceived, left, violated, betrayed us, respectively with our mother, and we wont unconsciously feel like taking revenge an all women that forgot, suffocated, deceived, disappointed us.

On the contrary, when we love intensely and we want to follow the spiritual path, in couple, we have to think like this: I love you, I transfigure you, I respect you for your qualities.

I listen to you with all my soul, and I am happy because you also listen to me when I tell you about my veritable being whom I try to discover more and more. On your turn, you make me happy when you talk sincerely about yourself.

Thus, being happy, we learn together how to love each other more deeply, and emphatically, to respect each other; both of us aspire to discover the divine essence within us”.

Sit comfortably on a chair; relax deeply. Think intensely of your qualities, the feminine ones if you are a man and the masculine ones if you are a woman.

If you are a man meditate mostly but successively on the feminine qualities that you have not awakened yet, like intuition, tenderness, creativity, softness, diplomacy, sensitivity, receptivity, etc.

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If you are a woman meditate deeply but successively on the masculine qualities like: action, initiative, intellect, virility, analysis, reasoning, courage, force, emittance, etc.

Then, if you are a man think intensely:
I totally accept the awakening, integration and amplification in my conscience of my feminine qualities in order to become a PERFECT ANDROGYNOUS;

I totally accept the harmonious expression of creativity, sensitivity, tenderness, mildness, I totally accept the voice of my intuition;

I totally accept and I am open to all these as a part of me, as representing my YIN (-) aspect, without which I lack a complementary, polarly opposed part of my being and of my consciousness; now I can express my femininity freely and divinely;

But, I am conscious that in the mean time, I preserve my YANG (+) energy, my inner Sun, powerful and unspoiled, in order to perfectly balance inside me the two complementary aspects that make up my veritable being neither masculine nor feminine but pure, transcendent, completely and harmoniously uniting the essential qualities of these two forces, in order to creek the DIVINE ANDROGYNOUS.

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