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Sometimes a harmonious couple was created when both of them were very young and one of them might not want or doesnt do anything to join the other one in her/his accelerated spiritual evolution.

In such cases, the lover does not ask herself/himself about life, God, her/his mission on this earth, about love, spiritual liberation, as the other one does.

The situation must be clearly and deeply analyzed and it is URGENT to firmly choose so as to prevent the spiritual stoppage and to follow the spiritual path even if this implies a painful breaking up, that could be, in fact, full of teachings when respecting yourself and the love to God.

If we feel that we are powerful enough and DEEPLY CONSCIOUS THAT WHAT DOES NOT DESTROY US, IMPROVES OUR STRENGTH, we may choose, despite the difficulties, to remain together with the beloved one, constantly attempting to open her/his new spiritual perspectives (through our gigantic spiritual power) and to indirectly accelerate her/his spiritual evolution through our overwhelming, beneficialial, radiant presence.

The price might seem big but we can successfully pass this test and we will learn a lot from it ONLY WHEN we are very powerful mentally and spiritually, very lucid and full of discrimination.

The persons who foolishly and fatalisticly believe that this is their karma of sufferance and misery and they must bear it, may face serious problems in taking a firm decision to break up and also, they may encounter qualms of conscience.

In such circumstances, the voice of our heart must be followed as it well guide us by the means of our intuition or, in other words, of our inner voice.

Sometimes our karma may require the end of an amorous relationship that prevents or slows down the spiritual evolution.

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But it might be again our own karma to help the beloved one to realize that the transfiguring love and sexual continence gradually awakens the spiritual aspects within a couple. In such cases we could be a veritable support for the beloved one.

The couple of two yogis that practice a perfect sexual continence is a fusioned and harmoniously polarized microcosm , which represents at a lower scale the Wholeness or the MACROCOSM.

Our happy and harmonious couple relationship becomes the reflex and the pattern of the amorous relationship of all human beings.

The creation and the shaping of our own sexually continent, open, harmonious and happy couple, will efficiently help the creation of a new world based on such values as love, transfiguring, happiness, joy, peace, respect, deification.

Thus, we actively bring our contribution to the coming of the one thousand years of peace mentioned by Apocalypse, that is, we will give a strong impulse to the passing in a new, elevated and deeply spiritual epoch in which people will really love their neighbors as they love themselves (the new SATYA YUGA ) mentioned by the Eastern tradition.

If the child and later the adult becomes too attached to her/his feminine or masculine identity, she/he will be separated (with all the implied consequences) from an important opposite and complementary aspect of her/his being.

For fear of being different, of not belonging to a certain group, of loosing her/his identity, and thus being rejected by the persons of her/his own sex, she/he runs the risk of a constant repress of a big part of her/his own.

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The yogis and most of the scientists assert that we are bisexed beings from psychical point of view. According to the secret Eastern tradition, each person (her/his inner world or MICROCOSM) consists of both lunar (THA (-)) energy and solar ( HA (+)) energy; of both YIN (-) and YANG (+); of both a feminine and a masculine part.

If one of these parts becomes stronger that the other one, we face an energetic imbalance that causes psychosomatic diseases, and a bad general state.

The Westal medicine and psychology has neglected for a long while the fact that the human being is a bisexed reality. The classical (orthodox) medicine often considers only the physical body (which is only substance and a means of reproduction of the human being) and forgets the vital, energetic, mental aspects which are abstract, immaterial and especially the SPIRIT which has no sex and which is the ultimate essence of our being.

It is also true that our materialist society gradually returns to the 19th century lost or forgotten traditional knowledge.

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