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The following yoga exercises make us to become more aware regarding our behavior patterns. It can be practiced at night, before falling asleep:

1. Close your eyes and watch on the screen of your mind all the events of the day that has just passed. Remember clearly all the important events and difficulties of our couple relationship.

2. Imagine yourself somewhere above your couple, watching it lucidly and detachedly:
we are aware of the fact that we are completely detached from that situation

we remember, feel emphatically and try to understand all that the other one could feel during the conflict; we try and realize whether she/he has emotionally reacted to a painful and traumatic state from her/his past or present

we ask ourselves objectively whether she/he had a veritable reason to react like that and whether from all that we know about her/his character, sensibility, vision of life (which is of course different from ours) she/he reacted as we expected.

Then we will watch ourselves lucidly and detachedly and we will objectively realize the circumstances of the event.

Now we draw the conclusions. How do we feel now, in the end: weak, indifferent aggressed, inferior or superior? Which were our states? Where the negative feelings that dominated and manipulated us or, on the contrary, we were the ones who mastered and channeled ( sublimated ) them?

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This simple exercise will make us gradually aware of our own weakness and faults, will help us to control ourselves and become more and more lucid every time our negative feelings are about to posses us.

Thus, through a perseverant practice, we will be able to overcome then by lucidly and wisely controlling ourselves.

This efficient analyses should be done by both of the lovers whenever facing a serious problem in their couple. This method will remove quickly and completely the tensions and will improve our veritable amorous communication.

Some couples meet again in this life (reincarnation) in order to compensate in a certain way a Karma that they have accumulated together in their past lives.

That is why they cannot break up (UNLESS THEY FIRMLY USE THEIR FREE WILL) and, in these cases, one of them will almost always make the other one suffer, and the last accepts and indulges in this situation without complaining.

The serious problems of the couple should be entirely solved during this life unless you want to face it again in a future incarnation. The couples of perfectly continent yogis that harmoniously sublimate the resultant energy can burn this type of karma very rapidly.

That is why we should apply the percepts of this extraordinary school, which is the harmonious amorous couple.

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We can burn our own negative karma by loving the other one, by accepting and transfiguring her/him intensely and constantly exactly how she/he is (and not phantasmagorically!) by helping her/him with abnegation on her/his path to the revelation of the Divine Self ( Atman ), by helping her/him escape from her/his inner jails.

If one of the lovers does not follow the same spiritual path and if she/he obstinately hinders her/his lover from following her/his accelerated spiritual evolution the prevented one has to face the following dilemma: should she/he leave her/his lover who does not even agree to gradually practice the sexual continence and make another couple which is more sexually harmonious, happier and more dynamic?

Or should she/he choose to rarely achieve this ecstatical spiritual communion with other persons and remain in the same couple no matter the sacrifices implied?

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