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We should always start by creatively and beneficialially imagining a certain transformation. Then, activated by the subtle energies of the Macrocosm , with which we resonate, we try to accomplish it helped by our thinking ability, and our intelligence.

If we are successful, we will notice that at one point, everything changes just as we had imagined. The beneficialial creative imagination becomes a gigantic accomplish power especially for those who preserve the sexual energy inside the body by the means of sexual continence , and allows us to easily create new deeply dynamic images and genially ideas.

Lacking the creative imagination, which is greatly developed when the couple practices perfect sexual continence, we could remain stuck in preconceived ideas, inertia, bad habits, intolerance, jealousy, malice, racism and we could indulge in dogmatic, rigid, and sectarian attitudes.

The beneficialial creative imagination together with a perfect sexual continence, and a harmonious sublimation of the resultant energies will help us gradually transcend all the ill-fated patterns from our childhood.

Thus, we will discover the veritable state of oceanic happiness and we will notice that our wish to offer an infinite love to those deserving it increases.

In the meanwhile, we will intuit the right way in which we should do it and, we will get rid of all our fears of loving or of being loved. We will then be able to believe again in our fated amorous dates, in our erotic success and perfect happiness.

Spontaneously and lovingly, we will search then for the Divine Freedom, our thinking will be full of common sense and intelligent, and we will remove once for always our preconceived idea.

We will reconsider then, thanks to our pure and expanded consciousness (as a consequence of the harmoniously sublimation of the sexual energy), all that we have blindly accepted, taken over or learned before.

Tantra Magazine
This huge mental energy provided by the sexual continence helps us meditate deeply on all that we have once proudly learned and focus lucidly on all that we have been imposed to believe in the process of time.

The gigantic mental force that results form the sublimation of the amorous energies to the higher levels of the human being, will help us choose and establish new wise and complex concepts and beliefs (resonances) regarding the amorous happiness and success.

Let us now consider our archetypal (our parents!) couple and study it lucidly and detachedly, becoming aware of all that has been left within us from them, without idealizing or rejecting it (as this could cause another trauma in the case of a bad influence).

Consequently, we need to simply see them detachedly and objectively, and to realize which aspects has influenced or still influence our intimate behavior.

We must understand what scared us and especially what we have totally taken over from them and has become a rule for us. We must be aware of the fact that we always have within us that child that reacts instantaneously and impulsively when his beliefs or prejudices are hurt.

This strange child within us is the one who irrationally wants to leave when our love relationship becomes serious. It is again the child who, frankly or not destroys a relationship or desperately clings to a person who constantly rejects him or who makes us not to see the loving and wonderful human being that could give us happiness.

Now it is our task to find and remove the real reasons of our erotic failures in order to destroy the illusions and to finally live the happy couple relationship in which the sexual continence is perfectly practiced.

Tantra Magazine

Such a relationship can help us easily get to the essence of the problem, to solve in a short while, in this life, all that has been or is disturbing and upsetting in our relationships.

In a love relationship that is not harmonious, our major fault that supports and feeds the problem of this relationship gradually exacerbates.

Whether you like it or not, you best discover yourself in such a relationship in which your lover can see how you react at intense negative emotional states.

Your lover will know all your weaknesses and becomes gradually aware of your sublime forces or your hidden sufferances, of your unaccomplished dreams. It is easy to pretend to be happy, relaxed, unworried, with some good friends, at a party, for example.

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